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This is a very shaky video of our garden with a very dodgy commentary

Pam x



Thankyou Geoff - what am I doing wrong?

Pam x

Gary Hobson

That's brilliant - both the video and the garden. I liked the commentry too.


Miss Becks

Oh lilylouise! I just watched. It is awesome! Loving the fairy corner! You must be very proud. xx

Gary Hobson

What surprised/interested me most was the vegetable area (although I don't grow them), and also the contents of the two greenhouses, especially the one with flowers in it.


Pam:  Absolutely lovely and great to hear the commentary as well.  Garden is immaculate but you must be so frustrated about the lilyleaf disease and the weather holding up the flowering of other things you had planned to be blooming by now.  What a terrific job you've done and what a lovely balance of plantings in form, colours and - dare I say - neatness!  You have such a good eye for all these things..  Stuff the Olympics - I would rather sit in your garden for a day with a gallon of Earl Grey and just relax and enjoy.  You just can't help but smile watching this video.

On the quick walk past the lovely baskets, particularly liked the stand-out colours of your salmon pink begonias and the illumination begonias.  Your 'lady' statue is stunning and love that Black Scabious.  I'd never seen that lovely 'African Blue' basil in real life - gorgeous.  

What a disappointment for you with the lilyleaf problem.  Here's hoping your weather will be kind now and that you will give us a video update as the weeks go on.

Thanks for letting us see it Pam.   Will be great to see more.




Just making a garden. Yours is something to aspire to. Great


Well it puts my garden to shame, what a treat to watch the video and has given me so many ideas.  Thank you it was a delight watching it.


Thankyou so much for your very kind comments - much appreciated

In case you didn't read my message on Fork Handles we had around 180 visitors and made £700.00 for the NGS and our chosen charity

A brilliant day

Pam x


Hi again! Lilylouise

I noticed on the video that you had Blueberries growing in a pot, can you tell me which plant you used and what time of the year can I buy one to plant up.

Regards Chris


Gary Hobson
David K wrote (see)

...Comparing with my own patch, I could draw comfort from knowing my tomatoes & runner beans were perhaps a smidgen ahead of yours...

Well, comparing it with my patch, let's just say that I won't be posting any photos of my petunias or fuschias.

Jean Genie

Pam, your garden is stunning- The baskets are fantastic and everything looks so lush. You must work so very hard on maintaining it. What a lovely video to start the morning with - thank you for sharing your spectacular garden with us. Hope my blue basil grows as well as yours - its doing really well up to now.


Very nice formal garden, such pretty colour combinations. Do you live by a very busy main road? 

Lavender Lady

Beautiful garden Pam, I loved watching the video very much.  Well done.  Loved the blue basil I shall look for that as well, did you grow it from seed?   I also have the lily disease, hopefully next year will be much better year for them.