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I do a lot of fantasising.

Start with the garden porn and a glass of wine or two. make a list of all the things I would like to grow, given ideal soil, a hunky bloke to do the donkey work, and limitless money. I just waft around in a floaty dress on an ideal summers day, not too hot that I burn.The big hat keeps off the sun, so as not to freckle my porcelain skin. I pick a few perfect blossoms and place them in a trug, so i can arrange them in that perfect vase. I return to the terrace and the under butler brings a cooling glass of Pimms, while we wait for dinner.........and of course I have perfectly manicured hands.

Then the wine wears off, I cross out most of the things on the list because they don't suit my soil, and I go and wash the kitchen floor for the umpteenth time, because of the mud that gets trailed in from the garden.


I've got the name of a good divorce solicitor, Sara.

I'm good at housekeeping---- I got to keep the house (and garden).

Like Dove, I have a new undergardener in training.


I'm lucky my undergardener is also coming along nicely. Very agile for his age and loves climbing up the apple tree when it gets pruned over Christmas. I hold the ladder for the bits he can't reach from inside the tree and pass up the various tools. 

Sara, best way to get a chappie to do a job is to suggest he's too old.

I've just put my tin hat on.


Last winter I spent a fair amount of time going out with my brush and knocking snow off my plants. We wrap up warm and go for walks and I nosey into other people's gardens. Some nice cottage ones, on route to next village. Always ideas to be had about lay out and what is looking good in the bad weather.

I've also got loads of plant names and things to Google that I've been noting from the forum.



I dont know about suggesting hes too old.It took two neighbours to get my 84 year old dad off the bungalow roof last year. he had gone up to fix a tile. We thought we were going to have to get the fire brigade out for him. I'm sure cats up trees would be easier.



Fidget wow scary. I have to bully 85yr old M to Co-op.




archiepem wrote (see)

new bed to put in . re jig two beds . cut and lop hedges . repair path . sort shed .and re sort shed . and make new seating / cooking area in front of summer house 

add the front garden on my list just give it  a chop . will take the edgeing stone out  a bit further to expose the stone. 

will be sweeping leaves up for another month. Then might get round to chopping down hated shrub. Won't have much time now what with short days and Christmas. I also have to repot some plants, dig up and divide some others. Around the middle of December I usually look out and think "how bare it is" and then it seems only just into the New Year that things start poking their heads up out of the soil. Last year, Hellebores were flowering madly in January, much earlier than usual. MUST sort out my massive seed collection, be ruthless with old half-used packets and organise those that are still viable.

No expert

Still a lot of things to be done even at this time of year. Digging is ongoing, weather permitting. Footpath to be laid at gardenshed/compost bins. No frost yet so grass needs mowing if ever it dries out. Leaves to be cleared from lawn and lane. Lane needs cleaning and potholes mended. Rhubarb needs dividing. Garlic to sow. Trees I raised from seed to plant. No more or less to do than in any other season only different things.

Happy Gardening



All of the going out into the garden in winter,sunny,crisp,cold day,wrapped up warmly,nothing better,coming indoors to steaming mug of homemade soup,wonderful......

Gardening never stops,just changes with the seasons.


indoor jobs.. decorating is the winter jobs for me.. i do spend time in garden or should say greenhouse.. just keepign eye on everything...


I decorated my bedroom last winter between Xmas and New Year because I knew I wouldn't be able to after the foot surgery.  The walls are fine but I need to do the ceiling again.  Looks fine in normal light but with bright light reflecting back off the snow in January it looked quite streaky.   It'll have to wait till next summer now though.  Too busy outside in spring.


Hmmm! Check on and water plants overwintering in front porch.

After that, hibernate!

Still have lots to do too. New plot on allotm

ent  to tidy up. Mainly digging over ready for next spring. Probably going to put potatoes on much of it next spring.


I want to redesign my back garden too, work on making the borders more interesting. OH made me a new raised bed this summer which worked out great so I'm inspired to do more. 

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