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Tina, we don't all have the same talents, you just have different ones. Doesn't have to be arty, could be cooking, or bringing up children, or just being likeable.

TinaTurner wrote (see)

I;'m feeling totally inadequate.   What a talented bunch of people you are.  I know my limits. 

Or having the talent to make people laugh / smile, you do that Tina


I know what I am good at - complaining. Just got another £10 off my next Tesco shop.  I do compliment too. That's usually another £10.

Thanks BL and Kev.  I would love to have a talent though. I think singing would have been my aim.  Perhaps that's why I chose the name.  


Please don't be intimidated; I am a professional artist, that is why I could not start this thread! I have been designing and painting professionally for 51 years! I consider myself to be a 'jobbing artist'; that means I work to commission, rather than standing in a studio waiting for inspiration and then getting the Marlborough Gallery to show my work (like for example David Hockney). As my work is murals, it has to be fairly realistic, even hyper-realistic, especially if it is 'trompe l'oeil' (trick of the eye). I also do paint effects (marble, wood grain etc) hence the wood grain effect behind the vase in one of the paintings. I REALLY love seeing other people's work, especially if they are self-taught. It has a freshness that has not been influenced by Art School.

Tina Turner, get yourself into a choir girl! It is never too late. At 65 I am the youngest member of my choir


Its good we all have different talents...,I can,t paint but I love looking at other peoples paintings.

Look forward to seeing some more



I agree Gilly, the ability to enjoy art is a talent as well. We all have talents, sometimes we can't see them ourselves, it's just what we do. Takes someone else tp point them out.


Happy Marion, can we see some 'boring' surfaces that you have painted, I am sure that you know 'Charleston' and the work of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, have you painted firniture like they used to do?


Artjak, I don't feel intimidated, just envious. Have always been intrigued how some people have such wonderful talents and are able to express them. 

This is a real eye opener thread and I love it.

Did always have 'talks too much' on my school reports, so perhaps I missed my vocation in not becoming a politician.


Art- your paintings are lovely. I'm intrigued by the keys in your 'avatar' painting - are they significant?

Gilly- looking at art is so uplifting. Whether you like sculpture, oils, photographs or collages - as long as you enjoy looking at it that's all that matters. I love all sorts of art from Canaletto and Leonardo to Mondrian, Dali and Gaudi. I also admire the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright as I love architectural drawings. My ex partner and I bought some lovely watercolours by 'unknown' artists at a small exhibition while on holiday up north a couple of years ago. They are stunning. I believe the only criteria for buying any piece of art should be 'would I enjoy looking at that on my wall every day'.


The talent round here is astonishing !  Thanks for sharing


such amazing pictures.. beautiful.. i am afraid i do not get time to paint these days. have not done for some years now.. used to be my job.. but children came along and life took a different path..

keep the picures coming i love to look at them as much as your gardens


Here is a painting i did as a Christmas present for a gardening friend who loves tulips.



Of course, you can paint your birthday cards for your friends too.


The potty gardener

A really lovely thread.

I can't draw or pain at all. I took one of my fave pics taken in the garden last year and had it put on canvas. It's the next best thing to painting myself. I grew the plants and chose where to grow them - then took photo- so I think of it as all my own work.



Bev, is there any chance of getting a picture of it here?



Happy Marion and Bev, such lovely pics


That's really pretty Bev. The picture wasn't there when I looked before.


Bev, those colours are really beautiful.  This paintung of mine is called "After the migraine has gone".  It just seemed like the peace of my waterlilies had calmed my head.