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Agreed.  You guys are brilliant.  The only thing I'm creative about is my garden but I would love to be able to draw or paint


Verdi- creativity isn't just something we can put on paper or canvas 

Gardens are more like sculpture- three dimensional - and even harder as there are other elements which affect the final result - weather and seasons and soil. 

You're an artist like any other 

I'll call you 'Constable' Verd from now on....

Hey, I've got talent


gotta blow your own trumpet now and again Verdi!!  


Verdun, you are a swan, just look in the lake and you'll see....


Your right Artjak,  no wonder my clothes didn't fit right


Verdun- you're only meant to wear those on the weekends....I've told you about that.. 

Eddie J

There is some very nice pieces of work being shown on here, and I guess whilst many of us can't paint, there is hidden away in all of us, the ability to be creative. It is just a case discovering what that particular thing is.

I can't paint, or say that I can't as I've never tried, but my creative side is spent playing with wood.  

Playing with wood is a release away from the day to day job, and gives me a way to switch off and create things for others to enjoy.

In relation to creating art that features plants etc of the garden, I like to create things to compliment what is in the garden and give further added interest to it.

I can delete the following example if it isn't seen to fit the thread. I've chosen it as it carved into a tree that we cut down, so extending the useful life of the tree, and it also has another element that I enjoy. It is decaying. Art becomes very stale and I like to see it change. By rotting away, the carving will change and eventually just disappear. Whilst this process is happening, life is given to fungi and various insects etc. It is kind of harmony and balance



Obviously I have many more examples of work/art, but don't want to add to the thread if it isn't seen as suitable.






I like that Eddie. Decay as part of art, I like that too 


Eddie that is beautiful!

And you've even carved me on kind...

A while ago someone posted pix of their Dad's ivy sculptures which everyone enjoyed so...yes..I'd say they're totally suitable!  How talented you are - and it's a living sculpture which is even better 

The potty gardener

Wow Eddie- that's great. I for one would love to see more


Again I wish there where like buttons on the threads! double WOW Eddie. whatever your weapon of choice and yours looks like chisels. I love the story of your piece too, certainly organic.


Of course it is suitable, Eddie- true garden art.  I am may even put in some of my poems.  I suggested the thread to show that gardening is not just bunchees of flowers and fruit and veg to eat and a nice place to relax but is a great contributer to the culture of a country too.  I love to watch my logs decaying in the garden.  some of the bracket fungus that grow on them are huge.


EddieJ, of course it is suitable. I too love the notion of decay, a mirror image of the growth of plants, if that makes sense; please can we see some more? What a brilliant idea to transform a tree stump into such a beautiful chair.

HappyM, if you post some poetry, then I might have the courage to do so.



The Bring and Buy Sale.


There were plants that feed us,

Plants that cheer us',

Plants that puzzle how they've grown.

Plants quite rampant.

Plants quite fragrant.

Plants quite easy and well known.

Tempting outdoor bric-a-brac,

Books crammed full of gardening facts

Where seeds of science are sown.

They dug deep into their funds

With sturdy growers' hands

To buy some plant that's different from their own.

And from each weathered visage

Shone the happy giver's message,

That good gardening is the soil that sets the tone.



Eddie J

The fairy seat is my one and only attempt at hand carving. It was a joint effort between myself and my then much younger daughter. The rest of what I now do is mainly created using power carvers and a band saw. I dabble with chainsaw carving, but the interest in that  isn't really there for me. I just enjoy creating 'garden art' from nothing.

The fairy seat has inspired me to want to complete a project that could really take off and become a life long journey. At the moment it is just a dream, but I'd love to take drawings, paintings etc that are drawn by children and adults with learning disabilities, then carve these works of art into wood, in the same way that the seat has been done. In my mind i would do the carving on lots and lots of individual pieces of wood, that could then be dug into the ground to form a pathway, maze, or garden within it's own right. Sadly a project like this would require a lot of organising and even more sadly major sponsorship, as I could never afford to finance it. One way or another I'm going to do it though.

Anyway back to my own garden, I'll just start with a few pieces of what I'd like to think of as art and add to it. Starting with my most recent piece, and in reality the only thing that I have done this year. I lost a bit of motivation, but over the last few weeks, ideas have started to come back.

Sadly I can't lay claim to this idea, as I simply saw a similar piece in someones garden and went from there.


This was only planted up a couple of weeks ago, but should work out quite well.


This one is still waiting to be planted.


My wildlife area.


My very first piece.


And finally for now, an over view of part of the garden.






I love that sculpture in the last photo!

Here is a version of the poem I sent in to the Gardeners World Poetry Competition, the poem that won was really good, I wish I could write like that.


My garden is scented by froths of white sweet peas and the rose

Compassion. June brings bolting spinach, fat broad beans, furry podded,

chervil and coriander, lacy yet strong,

lovage large and thuggish - but oh! the earthy celeryness of it.

Autumn will be red with damsons, beetroot and bloody

scratches from pruning gooseberry and rose, clearing veg beds

to compost; break down the old to grow the new.

January, the car marooned on the icy drive; cabin fever looms.

In the shiny new greenhouse I potter foolishly among

pelagonium, bay and apricot, dreaming of other times.

My garden is scented by... early spring? It's full of dead things,

but I sense, scent, see the secret pushing, unfurling,

I have loved it all year waiting for this.



The penultimate line is the winner for me!  I do hope someone has chided the prime minister for belittling the intelligence of gardeners!  Perhaps someone could point him in the direction of this thread.  Eddie J I do hope you achieve your dream.