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Eddie J

If you want to scare intruders at night time, this one would do quite a good job.

Twig Thing..


  Another project that I would love to do, is to take a shop mannequin and cover it completely in pine cones. It would take alot of work, but the result could be very effective. I just need someone to give me a mannequin, as I'm certainly buying one just to do that with. Maybe I should hassle the BBC props department for one!



Twig thing reminds me of that James Bond film where there was a voodoo cult,would be effective in keeping intruders at bay though.


'Twig thing' is a wonderful image; very medieval.

Hi, I'm resurrecting this thread instead of continuing with my new one. Apologies for my 'new girl' mistake as I didn't realise that you already had an art thread. I see this one hasn't had any new posts for quite a while. There's some great work on here and it's nice to see a mixture of styles, painting, poetry, sculptures etc. What have you arty people been up to lately?

Here's my latest inspired by LesleyK's photo on the Camera Corner thread





That's nice of you Daryl, but I hope I haven't spoilt your new thread. Just thought you'd be interested to see this one as it hasn't been used for some time.

Lovely painting.



Sorry my PM didn't work Daryl.  I had the same problem posting yesterday.  I did suggest sharing but I didn't know about this site.

I love that picture  Looking forward to seeing a lot more of your work.


I found my thread! Will have to post some of my paintings here, but I don't often paint plants! I'll have to do one and post it here


Amazing paintings everyone, absolutely lovely stuff!!! 

Wow! So much talent out thete. I am afraid my painting skills are limited to the garden fence and bench and chairs. I did a good job with the shed door though, white gloss and green metal paint on the hinges and handle. I would like to try painting some floral decoration on my garden furniture now that you have inspired me. Any advice on which paints to use and whether there are transfers available. Ta.

beautiful paintings, what talent? Puts me in mind to try again I last painted some bluebells the night before my youngest was born, he was 35 is year!

on these miserable days it would be a lovely thing to do

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