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Hi all again ,right i read on one question that Zoomer44 talking about where everyone got their seeds said she does her own ,now does this mean that we can save some of the best peas we grow to use the next year, i did this with 3 red spuds i bought for jacket but forgot they were there ,they were really big croppers and tasted great ,now i know you cant do this normally and was only a one off, but iv had some fantastic peas this year and wondered if i can save some each year as i grow LOTS we love em, can i Yae or Nae just stopped raining and its looking good Be lucky Alan

It's what most people did for years and years and years Alan. Many still do

Now that's really interesting on a serious note do you think one should save the biggest or the sweetest sized pea as the smaller ones are nearly always sweete,
maybe zomer44 might give me some guidance, we had lots of mice so dipping in Paraffin seemed to work that's what most granddads used to do i remember,right cheers all Alan

Go for the ones you like best Alan. It's in the genes. If you've got hybrids of any sort they may not be exactly the same but some of the varieties are pretty stable. 

this is good stuff now another daft one how do i know a stable sort, any advise Nut
cus im definitely going to try this



All those old varieties that have been in the traditional vegseed catalogues for years. Not an F1 hybrid. I haven't done this for years Alan and I'm sure there'll be someone who can remember the names.

Nice one Nut this is all wot this sites all about I appreciate this, it all adds to the excitement of growing and trying something new . Alan
Farmer thats a good download nice one mate cheers all Alan4711

that's a lovely site Fg


Thanks Farmer, have bookmarket the site, very interesting!

Hi Alan. Me thinks it was the real seed company where I got the idea to save seeds.

It's fairly easy to save peas/beans and if you aren't successful the first year you'll realise why and manage it the 2nd if you follow the real seed guide.

Pea/beans are slightly different but basically - plants have a life span and die back when the temps drop. If you continue picking every pod from one plant then none grow big enough to produce seeds to save before the plant dies, despite drying out the seeds inside are small and either won't germinate the following year or produce a poor crop.

If you have a big plot and want to save seeds from this years plants you need to stop picking the bean or pea plant which you plan to save seeds off. This allows pods to grow to their full size before the plant dies. The pods dry out on the plant and will then be ready to save for seeds next year. If you have an allotment you could leave one plant at the end of the row and just never pick it but use as a seed plant.

 If you get that part right and you'll know when your seeds have dried because they'll be a similar size to bought seeds, you are onto a winner

Peas/bean seeds save well and last several years, I grow in the back garden so don't allow a whole plant to go to seed. Last year I left some pods unpicked but not the whole plant and saved enough seeds for a couple of years.

Hope this is helpful. Happy gardening

Hi Zoomer nice one all this info is just what i want so i can try it, probably with peas and beans to begin with,and i watched Monty last nite ,he mentioned not storing in plastic bags so i checked all the seeds id saved ALL in plastic food bags and ALL wet and no good ,but never mind still time to do it all again live and learn they say and iv learnt so much on this site since joining, many thanks for all the time and trouble youv all taken BUT i,ll b back 4 more you see AND bye the way iv just had to take in my this years Fig tree im growing for the new house cus its blowing rain /wind 30 miles an hour here in Tenby feel sorry for the holiday makers, right manyofem Cheers Alan4711
B lucky

Not watched this weeks GW yet. Small brown envelops to store seeds in are ideal once the seeds are dry. Seeds will sweat in plastic and don't dry out. 

I've only saved peas, beans, peppers, chillies and toms seeds. I'm going to branch out and save other stuff this year, not just veg but flowers and herbs  .

Good luck with the fig tree.  

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