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13/08/2013 at 19:39

Im not sure if it's a getting older thing or just plain being knackard but if i was to be asked whats the most used garden furniture you use? Or to put it another way if you we're all alone on a desert island besides the bible, a loo roll and a copy of shakespear what other item would you want to have with you????

Well having given it very little thought (ie a blow up doll "like del-boy had !!!!)  or how about  A big win lottery ticket for the sat i was ship wrecked !!!

No No,

Got it,

my reply would be this old garden bench i love to sit on at the end of the day and take in all ive done today and still wonder why i never complete the daily task.

My old bench is under the old apple tree and just infront of the pets resting place,

It's a nice part of the garden as you can see most of the garden from this location,

On nights like tonight when the air is still warm and the bee's are in the Lavender bed its nice to just sit and think,

I think every gardener should keep a few minutes at the end of the day to have a relax "And if your as daft as i am and have pets!!!  to stroke them and talk away to them about anything , they'll love you even more for it "they wont understand a word your saying but that wont matter anyway.

Well ive put the tools away and now its time to shower and think about tomorrows jobs and what needs doing.

Gardening really is a smashing hobby "dont you think?

15/08/2013 at 16:21

l so enjoyed reading about how you feel about your garden ,and l have to say l can relate to everything you say ,l to sit with a cuppa and talk to my pets ,and when friends ask to go shopping ,they know the answer the garden wins every time ,l have only a small garden but it is my favourite place that l like to be l have just picked some runner beans and sat with a cuppa and chopped ready for supper in the garden with my pets sleeping beside me in my world can't get better than that reguards .

15/08/2013 at 22:51

I understand 100% what your saying,

Ive just been watching paul O'grady on the tv talking about working class uk and how life was back in the 1960's when i left school,

My wife said after the program, I wonder why it is we are so happy with the simple life

"you and your garden , the dogs and just pottering in your workshop when a lot of people we know are always moaning about life and its problems.

Like you "wallflower" i get a lot out of the animals "trying to understand their little ways and still after so many years i get a nice feel when im doing the garden.

All i can add is that i thank my lucky stars i was born in the west.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one.

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