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Muvs Dashwood

My young son has a red border collie called Fly and two black cats called Kizzy and Dash. We have, in the past, had a cat called Cat and rescue dogs called Grace and Gabby . My own collie cross as a teen was Meeshka. We did have a cat called Taffy and named her unexpected kittens Affy and Faffy - because we weren't keeping them.

Muvs Dashwood

As a side I have worked professionally with dogs and took donations from the public and some of those names were ummmm ... interesting. Ganjha, Jaffa, Zeus, Blitz, She, Boots, Khan, Kaiser, Soldier and Gandalf to name a tiny portion but the most common used to be Ben and Max.


Our rescue jack russel/beagle cross was named Woody at the pound as he was happiest when he was chewing up a stick. Our cat, also from a rescue centre we called Dusty- short for Dusty Bin as she was a tiny kitten found tied up in a black plastic dustbin sack! She used to get called Dusty bin-Laden every time she bought home a dead body, but she doesn't do that so much now she's 12.



Oooh, Muvs, some of those names would be a surpirise if heard called across the park! I like Fly for a collie - and Dash would suit too if it wasn't already in use!
My friend called her cat Guinness - he was black on top and white underneath but usually lay on his back - and owned up to feeling a bit self-conscious calling his name when attempting to summon him in from the garden. Another friend called her dog Dai because he had a bad case of 'the runs' during his first few weeks with her.

Diggingdoris, what a lovely photo.

flowering rose

The best friend I had who I loved so much.He helped at The R.D.A. and we were a team.



my one cat is called Inkie. She is mostly white with a black tail, nose and one ear. She also has a black spot on one side. Looks like she has been splashed with ink!

Sorry no photo at present.

What a beautiful horse, i would love to be able to ride. One day i will pluck up thje courage to do it, have to be careful with the back. Thankyou to everyone who replid to my thread i find other peoples pet names brillant


My daughter has a rescue dog. When she adopted him he was called Rocket and if you saw him run you would understand why. She has now renamed him Henry. He is an adorable mongrel, full of mischief about a year old he's going to obedience classes, but he hasn't got much idea as yet..

Bee friendly
I had a two Rottweilers called Kiefer (Sutherland) and Nathan ( just liked the name) and a ginger and white cat called Leroy!!! And my friend had an Irish Wolfhound called Mouse, just because he was grey. Pet names should be given as much thought as children's names I think.
The potty gardener

we got my son a cat for Christmas back in 2007, he called her Gwennie- I have never understood how a 12 year old boy choose that name. At the same time we got a tabby kitten from the rescue called Willow but we renamed her Leelo. They are always found snuggled up together.


Then in 2009 we got a ginger tabby boy who we called Tiggy. He is about twice the  size of the girls



At the start of this year we got a female adult white cat (have always wanted a pure white) her name was Lily so we left it as that. Trouble was she hadn't been spayed and got pregnant. What joy when she gave birth to the first kitten sitting on my lap.She had four kittens but after a week the smallest white one died. We called them Dusty who became Charlie, Kasper who became Meaowski and Tabs became Mika.




Then before we had a chance to get her spayed she was pregnant again. This time choosing to get up on the sofa with me to have her last two kittens rather than in the box we set up for her.These five kittens are just so cute but I am not nameing them so I do not get too attatched.






Jean Genie

Bev, adorable photos  You must have your hands full at the moment. We fostered a pregnant cat from the rescue centre where we got our cats from . She produced 4 healthy kittens but I couldn't do it again. We got really attached to them but managed to find homes for them all . My daughter took Horace, the largest kitten and I   think he's still  growing - he's enormous and even found a home for Mum whom the rescue centre named Jellybean.


I've just been to visit Twinks, a little black and white stray kitten that I found in my garden a couple of months ago and who has never been claimed. The lady who is fostering him has several other kittens, all 6 months and under, but no-one seems to want to give them a home. Cats Protection locally are having trouble finding homes for all the unwanted cats and, I'm told, are even finding it difficult to rehome kittens.

His name is Twinks because when I first found him and posted his picture, someone on this forum suggested Twinkletoes for his name as he has white toes.


i have heard that rescue centres are having difficulty re-homing cats and dogs. Alas I am full, dog and 2 cats is all we can manage, 

Hi, all we rescue cats we have in total 22 cats. Ageing  from 12 months old to fourteen yrs old . Must of them wear Ferrel when we first got them,it has been hard work but so rewarding,we have been catching them from a old church, also people dumping them in the back yard over years.We also help trap cats for Cats Proctection,and foster but its as  FloBear say's, also it's getting near xmas, and we will not let any one have a cat or kitten for Xmas, A cat is for life.



TazmanAlun, sounds as if you're doing a much-needed job there :- )  Do you have names for all 22???!!!


Yes the males are called.Simber, Tigger,Fritz's, Taz, Oscar,Shadow,Leo,Marley, Ziggy,Ob ow,Rusty,Marmalade. And Females are called Pearl,Goega,Primrose,Ivy,Holly,Gypsy,Kia,Dela,Amber, Abby.


I had a cat called Horace. Along time ago there was a chap in Worthing that people called Burlington Bertie, a total eccentric and used to stand on the side of the road dressed up to the nines and wave to passers by. His real name was Horace a real character as was our cat which we had named after him. Local rescue centres are over run with cats and dogs its abd enough now so what is it going to be like after christmas?

Hi i forgot add Eric, +Zack, Makes it 24 cats in total,i have lost the sd card with all the picks,of them.


I'm glad they've all got names TazmanAlun - and that you remembered the missing two!!

The potty gardener

I'd love to seeall your cats TazmanAlun. I wish I could have more.