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I mentioned my dogs and cat earlier, but my special pet is my horse. My father bought her for me when I was in my 50s, when I took up riding again when my first husband died. He said he couldn't afford a horse like her when I was young. She is very sweet and gentle with my grandchildren. Her name is Lena and when my father died my mother and I were looking for fuschias to plant on his grave and we found one called Lena. Perhaps that is not what one is meant to write about on a


gardening forum.

The potty gardener

Beautiful horse. Then again you wouldn't expect a thread called -pets and why they are called what they are called on a gardening forum. We are real people and interested in each other


My puddy is called Pete.  When he 'found me' 12 years ago the chap I was house sharing with refused to allow him to stay unless he had a 'proper blokes name'.  He's adorable, my best friend and knows all of my secrets!

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