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Has anyone else ever had plants turn up planted in their garden that they were thinking of getting? 

Was thinking of growing some comfrey,  it appears. 

Thinking of planting a clematis in my hedge, there it appears pretty much right where I wanted it.


Better have a word with Fairygirl. It sounds like she's been waving her wand again



Haha, no, but do you think if i wish for things they might magically appear! 


I've had plants turning up that I wasn't thinking of getting. Where did the vinca that's going mad come from? Acanthus mollis just appeared, but I like it. It must have been planted here a long time ago because the garden was a farmyard once. It wasn't here at first. Also Phlomis just turned up. Quite a big clump now.

Well I never though about getting a Chinese quince (Chaenomoles cathayensis) but it arrived anyway! Much taller than the more common Chaenomeles japonica.  Lethal thorns on it so I need to tie it back from the path or it will do major damage to any passing human. The fruit makes lovely quince type jelly and cheese though .


Never had a plant phantomly planted for me.  However, I have done that to people.  Knowing a particular plant ...or just wanted and then I go in quietly and plant it.  

Millers666, perhaps I am your phantom gardener!


lol verdun, sneaking quietly in the darkness, planting random stuff in folks gardens by torch-light.........Verdun, stealth like ninja lol


Bit worried about the 666 after your name Millers

I dream of a money tree,nothing yet.


I never had you down for a geurilla gardener, verdon



Nowt to do with me I'm afraid fidget - if I was that good I'd have my whole garden done by now 

Steephill -  you can send that jaggy quince to me- I have just the place for it.....several in fact!

Verdun doesn't plant stuff- he just eats any fruit that's about - he's a very greedy boy....he's even been in my fridge.

or is that my children...


Police station in sheffield had a few cannabis plants growing in the flower beds outside, a number of years back. who wished for them I don't know  

The potty gardener

Have ended up laughing loudly as I so often do reading various posts.

Verdun I can so see you creeping about in the darkness  



Oh he doesn't creep Bev...he walks right in my back door and wakes me up.

He even has the nerve to ask if there's any cream...

And I daren't leave any cake out. 

Just as well you have a sense of humour Verdi!!  


Wish some things would disappear....that suddenly appear in the garden 


Laughing so much at these brilliant responses!


Ive had this with old films or TV programmes, Ive thought "wouldnt it be lovely to watch ... again or, I'd love to see that series again, shame you cant get it on DVD" and a week or two later the TV programme guys put it on for me! - spooky!!!!!! 


Sometimes I worry about Verdun. See Evening Forkers. He now thinks he's a glow worm creeping about in the darkness!

Can you throw a little light on that accusation busy?.  .....I'll get my coat

blackest wrote (see)

Police station in sheffield had a few cannabis plants growing in the flower beds outside, a number of years back. who wished for them I don't know  

Blackest I fess up it was me as I'm in S Yorks  ..keep it quiet as I've just sewn some more.

John Harding

Birds frequently sow seeds in the garden - with a little fertiliser to start them off!