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A few of the photos we took at Whipsnade Zoo on the way home from our holiday. 

Sorry some are a bit fuzzy ... didn't realise I'd left the camera on the wrong setting 

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That rhinoceros looks like an overgrown armadillo!  Love the playful elephants.


That rhino was magnificent ... I loved him ... the others spent most of their time in the wallows but he wanted to engage with his audience 

And the elephants behaved in such a natural way ... the mothers, aunts and big sisters looking after the younger ones ... if you look you can see they'd been learning how to throw the dusty soil over their heads onto their backs   Papa is a big bull called Emmett ... he was in his own paddock over the other side ... he doesn't have free access to the females when the keepers are around as it wouldn't be safe ... but he seemed perfectly content too.  

We spent all day there but didn't see half of what there is to see ... we'll have to go back 

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