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Hi all,  if iv spelt it right ,can anyone tell me why have i got brown ends on the plant a week ago it was just fine ,its been crimsony pinkish twice this year and looked really good,its been well watered and fed, in a good sheltered fairly sunny spot, im a little puzzled many thanks


Alan.......Pieris tend to like just looks as if one or two of the leaves have caught too much hot sun or wind.

However, best wait for a few others to look and advise


Mine are in sun, but I do think that is scorch and maybe they got wet when you watered and maybe some of the ericaceous feed got on the lower leaves Alan   I might be totally wrong.  As philippa says wait for more responses.


Looks like type of blight, Phytopthora maybe, like of Rhododendrons!


Thank you all very much, weve moved it to the front of the house only gets  the morning sun and some dappled tree shade ,cheers all

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