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For those of you who thought blue Strawberries, Dyed flowers, etc. were the absolute limit...............we can now purchase Glitter Roses

Perfectly decent little potted Rose plants but then Xmas fever took over and the leaves are liberally sprayed with Gold Glitter. I spotted these poor things at a Lidl store today.

You haven't seen my rant on the Rezzers thread then Phillipa. Amaryllis bulbs dipped in wax, so they don't have to be potted or watered! What a waste of a beautiful bulb- DIL has bought one and I intend to take it from her and pot it up when all wax has been peeled off!

I saw some little potted succulents in a DIY store - they were not only sprayed with glitter, but they were in garish colours like pink, orange and electric blue. Who buys these??! Spray something dead or plastic if you must have glittery stuff, but a living plant!! 


The way my local Lidl look after their plants, the glitter is probably there just to cover up dead plants.


After Christmas the site will be full of posters asking why the leaves are dropping off their rose plant they had as a present. 

I hate all that, heathers sprayed orange or electric blue is awful. 



Aunty Rachel - an Indian gardening friend of mine in Brussels bough a shed load of those colour sprayed succulents to decorate her garden for a huge family celebration with rellies from all over the world.  Then she wondered why they died afterwards.  That was a few years ago when she was new i the group.  She knows better now.

Expensive mistake there Obelixx! Bet she still finds glitter in the garden too! 

I have made an effort to buy cards, decorations etc with NO glitter this year (#blueplanet etc) but once you start looking, you notice everything has glitter - including cakes! Surely any responsible plant-seller would ban the sale of glittered-plants but it seems glitter makes money! 

Scroggin - I would normally agree with you but the Rose plants were, surprisingly,  actually decent plants so not a cover up as such.  Mind you, I doubt they will remain in that state for very long I'm not sure which of the big chains are the worst but most certainly seem to lack any interest in keeping their plants looking reasonable for more than a couple of days.  Cheap for them to buy and so not much loss to them unfortunately.

Linda - no I hadn't seen that - but how appalling - rather like giving birth and wrapping baby in plastic and then congratulating yourself on it never crying or wanting feeding.  The mind boggles

"Another horror in the name of Xmas " as Philippa says !

Xmas is the horror ! All based on a myth .

Overspending , credit card debt and all the rest . All for what ..........?  Profit !!

Brought up as a Roman Catholic (no choice) , I managed to rid myself of the brain-virus called religion at about 13 years ; anyone studying Cosmology and Astronomy will no doubt agree !

Take a look at Carl Sagan's 'Pale Blue Dot' on YouTube ; as a dedicated atheist (like myself) , he realised that we are totally inconsequential as far as the universe is concerned . We have no need for belief in 'gods' .

No one would know we have ever existed ;the sheer distance involved to even our closest stellar system (Alpha Centaurii) (50 million million miles), or 4.2 light years  negates this ; all our puerile problems , politics , warfare fade into insignificance when compared to the sheer scale of the universe as we currently understand it .

Our planet (which we are ruining) orbits a relatively ordinary star in a quiet 'backwater' of our galaxy ; one of probably two-trillion possible solar-systems .

The prosaic 'twinkling' stars on Xmas cards conjure up a relatively 'romantic' image ;  distantly removed from actual reality .

Apologies for diverging from the subject of plants , but agree with all the above posts .

Incidentally ; Happy Xmas everyone!!!!!!


Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy lies a small unregarded yellow sun. Orbiting this at a distance of roughly ninety-two million miles is an utterly insignificant little blue green planet whose ape-descended life forms are so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea.”

Someone else had a similar view to you, Paul

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Nice !

If you look at the Winter skies at night , to the SW of the three 'belt-stars'of Orion is the almost implausible Rigel . Pretty bright  really .

The steady 'twinkling' actually is a terrifying powerhouse of three major white 'supergiant' suns orbiting a common centre of gravity of about one thousand million miles apart .. Rigel B is itself a double system , each star emitting around 250,000 times the total energy of our own sun ! Lying at around 1000 light years away it is still a fairly imposing object . (That's around six-thousand million million miles)

Of course 'god' created this , take your choice as to which one ; Odin , Ra , Yahweh , Poseidon or  all the other nonsensical creations evoked by an 'ape-descended life-form' as B3 says . They say 'ignorance is bliss '; most people on our planet exist in a placid isle of ignorance anyway , removed from reality by their puerile and futile relationships in their pointless lives .

FOOTNOTE!!! B3 ; imagine the night skies from a planet orbiting a sun near the galactic centre . Awesome !!


Imagine our own skies without light pollution.

I live in a small town in Lincolnshire ; the council switch street lights off from midnight to 6.00am ; absolute bliss !!


No street lights here at all and not a lot in the centres of nearby villages and towns and they get switched off at midnight too.   It's been a learning curve getting used to driving in the dark but we've seen some glorious night skies and the moon in all its moods.   Love it.

Not religious either but very happy to celebrate the passing of the shortest day.


In London you don't even need to switch the light on to go to the loo!

At night it's monochrome and colour by day 


B3 says:

In London you don't even need to switch the light on to go to the loo!

At night it's monochrome and colour by day 

See original post

In London you are almost entirely detached from all the natural cycles - day and night, summer or winter, rain or shine. If you live there, I don't think you are aware just how neutralised it is - you think you get rain, so you know what that's like, it gets dark at night, it's colder in the winter - what's the difference?. But the heat island effect means the cold is far less than in places really quite close by, you never get mud the way the countryside gets mud when it rains, darkness, as B3 says, is really just not quite as light and the seasons all smell the same there, they just look a bit different.

I've worked a lot in London whilst living in semi-rural areas and now I live in a properly rural area (Exmoor is a dark sky area). I always noticed the sky when I got home from the city after dark. In London there are hardly any stars 

Paul & B3  I don't disagree with you at all I think it is the realisation of how insignificant we are that leads to many people seeking religion as they can't cope with the truth. That said a surprising number of leading scientists do believe in  some kind of " God" I am all for celebrating the passing of the solstice & the re

Getting back to plants I agree about the horrors of spray painted heathers etc. A neighbour of ours has put what looked like a standard box ball in a pot. I thought for some time it was dead as it stayed resolutely brown. It has recently reappeared as a lime green blob with pink patches.  I suppose at least it wont get box blight,

The Doorbell just rang so I have collected a parcel sent from my Neice. A very lovely star- shaped container with 6 Hyacinth bulbs in it they are surrounded by moss. BUT the hyacinth bulbs are covered in silver glitter- WHY-- sums up all we have just been saying I wont be able to reuse the bulbs as before.

From plant abuse and back again via the universe and religion .........not bad for a gardening forum


Ian - can you not rinse it all off?

We have friends who live in Ealing.   She is a determined towny and likes shops round the corner, buses, tubes, people, dozens of take-away options.  The first time they came to stay at our house in Belgium she was very perturbed by all the green and the quiet - just owls and frogs at night.  No sirens, no tooting, no shouting, no traffic.

It'll be even worse if she comes here.  No street lights, no buses, even by day, no traffic, loads of space and silence apart from country noises.