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Hi Anyone in thelYork area who would like to plant swap a Caster Oil Plant/ Ricinus Communis with a  Hedychium Ginger- orange colour- or a Canna Lily.?

I have some extras which I grew from seed after seeing it on Gardeners World with Carol Klein and Monty Don and in her book Life in a County Cottage.

So have created a hot border and "hot trough" so want to compelte the look.

A good tip if you can't find it at the GC or on line or is too expensive- I usually buy the hard to come by or unusual species on e-bay e.g. had some great ornamental grasses- were plugs now full-size for a few pound, eryngium Jos Eikling and Sambuca Black Lace but haven't found a orange hedychium as yet-

Have now put my extras Caster Oil Plants on e-bay and will be watching for a hedychium.  Will let you know how I get on.

Anyone else tried selling their extra cuttings, divisioss or too many young plants on E-Bay?

It is a good way of selling yours to buy someone else extras............

The potty gardener

dizzylizzy please don't think that no one can be bothered to answer you but the forum has been playing up this weekend. I can't help you at all- all I do is buy plants on e bay .

Posting this should bump your question up so it is seen by someone who can help you

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