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Lesley Cardiff

Had a brilliant day yesterday with our Village group opening for the NGS - 160+ visitors and a great fundraising day.  HOWEVER it was spoiled by one very mean spirited visitor who actually dug up and stole plants from two of the gardens open.  Considering there were plant sales at both gardens (average £2-£3 per plant) this was particularly petty - after all it was fundraising for charity.

So if you are opening your garden to the public, keep your eyes peeled.


Lesley - how sad. It takes the shine off your successful day. I despair sometimes of the human race.

I hope you still raised a good sum of money for your charities. 


A sad tale indeed. And managing to actually dig them up - it sounds as if they came prepared. Nobody got CCTV in their gardens - people arriving with spades stuffed down their trousers ( couldn't have them up their jumpers in this weather)

flowering rose

makes you wonder what kind of plant theif makes a gardener.I know my mother often had plants stolen from her garden and after much ado it was found to be the local postman selling the at a car boot sell.

The potty gardener

How sad.

I have big pots with begonias in them on my gateposts. Everyone says it's so lovely to live somewhere where they are left alone.

Feel very sorry for people who opened their gardens only to have plants stolen



That is very sad. I hope no one else suffers in the same way

Lesley Cardiff

I suppose you have to be pragmatic and say it's only a plant, but it felt like they were stealing from charity.  I also had plants for sale, and they could have bought a plant for £2 rather than dig it up ........ never mind, I'll be more vigilant next year.

Stacey Docherty

I don't understand people sometimes I love going to garden open days and have always found the owners very accommodating ( one in devon we went to last year posted me a load of wild garlic to plant in my garden) £2.00 for a plant I would ha e had no room in the car!!!! If it was the odd seed head fine I mean they still could have asked but you could have forgiven that, I dispair. 


Ha, Ha Ha.  Gave you wild garlic!  It's a weed!


Last weekend we drove into town and the under gardener saw someone stealing plants from the display outside the church. By the time he'd told me what he saw we'd gone past,but I was so cross.

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