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Hi all,after recently moving home at the end of november,we had to sadly leave the greenhouse behind.With money being tight at the moment ive had to resort to buying one of those 4 tier zip up greenhouse,and using the shed.My question is that if i start of my baskets in the shed,(trailing begonia tubas)will they germinate just as if they were hung in the greenhouse? as it has windows on one side,but doesnt have any means of heat.


Have sown seed and left them in the shed to grow by the window of said shed. Had the pots on a shelf below the window, so light and warmth from the sun helped germination.


thanx fonzie,ive sown some lettuce and basil in there this weekend.had some sucess in zip up greenhouse,my tageetes and toms have come through already,theyve only taken 6 days.

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