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It's a wonder he lived as long as he did then Peter! 


Peter / Fairy I did see him at Knebworth, he was ok then but I was minus about 6 at the time if I'm 27 now. Boomtown Rats there as well.

In the week wholemeal toast, butter ( purely for the calcium  )& vegemite..don't like Marmite.

Weekends bacon buttie, or fried eggs on toast( done in olive oil) sometimes an omelette...snotty eggs frighten me.

Peter, I know only too well who Frank Zappa was!  Fried up spaghetti is great.


KEF said ".... Weekends bacon buttie, or fried eggs on toast( done in olive oil) sometimes an omelette...snotty eggs frighten me."

I used to have a real problem with 'snotty eggs' but as I've got older I find that if I don't put my glasses on to cook or eat I'm fine - it's all a blur!!! 

star gaze lily

I have thick yoghurt with fresh fruit or porridge,  which I do in the microwave too messy in the pan! Perhaps scrambled eggs (also done in microwave) on toast


Porridge for sugar, cream and milk and cherries this morning.  Then a 10 miles run on the Towans.......oops!  Better not fib.......

Remember my old dad's wise words....breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  He always seemed to be eatIng tripe, pigs' trotters, brawn and cockles amd mussels.  

flowering rose

My own Quince jam on porridge followed by my own blackcurrant juice and of course a cuppa.


I always have muesli every day which I make up myself with jumbo oats malted wheat flakes and lots of nuts, seeds and fruit.  This keeps me going till lunch time.  Never bacon as I am a non meat eater and eggs have to be cooked rock hard and I mean rock hard -  I can hear you all groaning now.


I'm not groaning Forester, I'm with you all the way.

flowering rose

oats a good way of lowering that old thing called closterol,groan.

Highland Jeannie

Porridge, often with added sultanas, mixed spice or cinnamon & a dash of maple syrup, or muesli & yogurt during the week, with toast & home made marmalade at the weekend. Even though (early) retired we have the toast treat for only 2 days - butter is permitted then too!!

I tend to avoid microwaving either porridge or scrambled eggs as they always end up in a solid lump at the bottom & the porridge boils over.  (I know I should keep stirring, but it's a bit of a faff & easier to use the gas).


That sounds good Highland Jeannie.

Started a new diet Monday.breakfast on porridge with maple syrup, plenty of fish and salads,NO alcohol so can't  sleep awake last night at 1.00am.


I'd have the alcohol & skip the maple syrup ..well not alcohol at breakfast

Good luck AWB, tell us how you get on.


AWB - I've made it a rule not to have coffee after mid-day as that keeps me awake but mysteriously tea doesn't keep me awake although they are both high in caffeine.  Porridge and maple syrup sounds delicious.


Only have eggs for breakfast if I manage to buy locally new-laid - and they MUST be accompanied by loads of white pudding! Oh, just thinking about it.............!

Highland Jeannie

Didn't realise that white pudding was available that far south!!??

For me the "round" sticks all round my mouth; far too fatty but the slices are good.

I have a vegetarian cousin who eats white pudding......

Fruit pudding is good with bacon .

Back to the healthy eating now!!


what is white pudding?


Ok Dove, I won't look.