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Porridge with cranberries, yummy, followed by toast and thick cut marmalade washed down with loads of tea!. Have to try not to bend  too much in the garden after that lot, could get messy

Highland Jeannie

Had a quick look at that link, Dove - apart from the oatmeal & onion they had sausagemeat! That's not white, it's pink!!  It should be suet (that's what clings round the mouth.....)


Eww yuk - am vege me self !


star gaze lily

 I looked and now wish I hadn't!  Never heard of white pudding, heard of black pudding,  that looks bad enough!!


Best way to be Nut, have been for 30 years.


Highland J, you have reminded me of breakfasts at my Granny's, fruit pudding, square sausage, fried bread, eggs and bacon. Mmmm. Granny lived in Girvan 

When I'd visit my OH when he lived in Hamilton I would have the above and add a couple of slices of Haloumi cheese. Goes really well with eggs 

White pudding is more common in Cornwall and Devon than black pudding - although black pudding is the food of the Gods!  

Should have mentioned that we call it Hogs Pudding in the West Country 


Highland Jeannie

4th Panda, Square sausage is not allowed in this house!!  I bought a couple of squares once, put them under the grill - couldn't believe the amount of fat swilling round the grillpan afterwards .  Makes a "Glasgow salad" (ie bowl of chips) seem positively healthy!!


I'm glad I didn't lok up white pudding either Nut and MsBee.


Best avoided I think Forester

One of life's great experiences! 


I agree Highland J. The fat from a square sausage is horrific! 

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