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During the week I usually have some home-cooked fruit compote and yoghurt with muesli or granola for breakfast and that's enough for a day at work.  

At the weekends it's a cooked breakfast - today it was poached eggs on toast - sometimes it's scrambled and some times it's the full English or even a jugged kipper - I need something substantial if I'm spending time in the garden.

What sets you up in the morning for a day's work in the garden?

The potty gardener

Usually weetabix with yoghurt then coffee when I get to work. At weekends often just a cup of coffee. I think I might start having porridge. Now I'm hungry

Hi - if you've got a microwave do it in there so much easier & less messy


  A 2 and a half minute egg Brum. That's raw

im just baking some bread as i type, this will then be consumed with lots of bacon



Homemade granola and fruit juice does me 

Cold, leftover spaghetti, anyone?

Greek yoghurt, Greek honey - reminds me of holidays! - followed by bacon,eggs and Irish black pudding ( food of the Gods)....................then off out into the garden!


bowl of muesli and some coffee please. More than that and there would be no gardening. Some of the above breakfasts would floor me.

Brum, does an egg even get hot in that time?

I might have an egg for lunch but I'll cook it first


Same here Nut 


nice and solid, that will do me 


The reason I have an aversion to eggs is my nan use to whip a raw egg through porridge for me as a kid, to build me up as I was a scraggy kid. I can eat scrambled so long as there are no stringy white bits in, but semi  boiled raw eggs makes me feel ill.


I usually have toast and a cup of tea. If OH buys the wrong kind of butter (unsalted) then the toast is slathered with marmite. Sometimes it gets slathered any way!

I bought some grapefruit marmalade yesterday so may give that a go . . . however now I want some poached eggs  (confession time, am just getting up - weather is fowl so am having a very lazy morning )

No expert

Bowl of cornflakes followed by brown bread and plenty homemadr jam. Apple and Blackberry to-day. But that was hours ago. Dinner soon. Roast chicken with potatoes carrot and parsnip from garden. Luvelly.


Woodgreen wonderboy

I make my own muesli by the barrow load, to which I add prunes, apricots, blueberries and a banana. Cold milk in Summer, warmed up a bit in winter. Put the milk and muesli in the microwave for a minute or two before adding fruit. Goes a bit porridgey.  yum.


That sounds gorgeous WWboy, I make micrwave porrige regularly but not with the fruit - have that separately - yum.


Porridge is great in the microwave. It's about all I use mine for apart from re heating cups of tea if I get distracted!  I like mine quite milky and runny and you can get it down to a tee! My mum used to make it for us when we were children and stood stirring it in a pot for ages. Could have plastered walls with it - ahhh - happy days! 

Woodgreen wonderboy

I had my main meal at lunchtime, which is unusually early for me... looks like a bowl of porridge is a must... great for the Cholesterol and very settling before going to bed


waterbutts, you might like to know that Frank Zappa (a musician ... ) would sometimes wax lyrical about cold spaghetti fried up with cheese. He called it "Dad food".

I never liked his music but cannot fault his recipes.