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Don't think I can compete with Frank, but I find it quite fun. As long as you don't think about and try to scrutinise what you write.  Have another go GG. 

Gardening Grandma

If I do too much stream of consciousness writing, TT, I could get a bit too honest!

Awakened today out of bed with a swing
Here in the North the first day of Spring
I know in the south Dafs have been and gone
Mine still to flower to fill my heart with song

Now we can set to and sow the seeds
Tackle the odd cheeky errant weed
Get cracking with fork spade and hoe
Prepare the beds ready to go

The seed boxes settled on sand that is warm
A curtain to cover them keep them from harm
Watch for the first shoots soft and green
Of flower some carrot peas and bean

We in the North with our cold easterly breeze
Learn to sit on our hands and take our ease
It means being patient having to wait
Something to be said for flowering late

When the South are all finished a final flush
Our gardens up North are still verdant and lush
With flowers and Veg beautiful fruit to eat
I come to the conclusion the North can't be beat.




flowering rose

I must go down to the shed again,

the lonely dark and damp shed,

I left my fork and shovel there,

I left them there with out care

and my hubby will go spare!


Here's another one about DK from another messageboard

He moans on about Monty and then he gets a trouncing
Judging by past history it must be time for flouncing
He's on and off the boards so much always getting flak
Let's hope in the word of Charlie Drake this boomerang won't come back!

"Whoa" let this not become a battleground a place to vent your spleen
It is supposed to be a gentle place for gardeners who are keen
To tell the story of their war with disease bugs and weeds
Not a place to don your armour and mount your battle steeds
If you have problems with some poster who has a right to speak
Then do it in some private place it is messages you seek.



Hear, Hear Frank.  Some folk just love to stir up trouble and I don't like it at all.


Frank, you're a poet and you didn't know it!

Not by me - but I read this today and it seemed very appropriate for our forums - written about 160 years ago, by Henry David Thoreau, American author,poet and philosopher;

I once had a sparrow alight upon my shoulder
for a moment,
while I was hoeing in a village garden,
and I felt that I was more distinguished by that circumstance
Than I should have been by any epaulet I could have worn.

We may as well let this drop, it was not a competition only a way of expressing a love for gardening in our own words, my rubbish appears to be frightening some off.
Why do some threads become battle grounds for people to snap at each other, my way if upset is ignore them, unless that is they are in range of a good thump, my attitude changes face to face, being incognito makes some brave it would seem.
Anyway I am out.



I personally was subjected to unpleasantness from a member on this forum, just because I posted something they didn't agree with.  I don't always agree with what is posted, but it's their opinion and who am to challenge it.  Each to their own.



Hello I'm new to this gardening lark
Buts its crept inside my heart
When in my garden I feel my arteries un harden
But please beg my pardon if I get things wrong

As I listen to birdsong and insects to and throw
Shhhh be quiet you can almost hear things grow

As the breeze hits my face I drift off to another place
Somewhere safe and free from the everyday noise
Lets us all rejoice whether your name is Alan,charlie,
Or Anne or monty don Come on let's go get our gloves
Gardening Grandma


Why do I love my friends?

What special thing distinguishes them from others?

Why am I safe with some?

Some spark is struck when we first talk

Maybe some common bond, some trait we had not suspected.

Acceptance, warmth encourage the spark into a flame.

A common humour, commonsense,

Each becoming more human in the other's company.

Common hostility also makes a bond,

but it is only a pale illusion of true fellowship.

Lets forge friendship where we can,

Trusted and trustworthy.


Hello Sally. I haven't seen your name on this forum before so if you are new, welcome.  If not, I'm an idiot.

I thought that extremely poignant GG. Really liked it.


Sally that is what this thread should be
A message that comes from the heart
Makes you want to shout with glee
Each and every time you make a start
To get out all the tools gloves rubber boots
The job to lovingly devide old plants to take apart
Gently cultivate from seed watch the new born shoots
Listen to the sounds that every garden makes
Whisper of a cooling breeze Rattling dry seed head
The pleasure of seeing birds on ground freshly raked
And joy of sitting with a glass before retiring to bed.


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