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Opinions please!

I have recently moved to a house with a larger garden yey!! and have a lovely space set aside for a new greenhouse!

I had a 6x8 aluminium and glass traditional one which I left at my old house and am looking to buy a 10 x 8 any advice on good places or times of year to buy a bargain as I've missed the boat this year for planting in my opinion. Also are there any benefits or down sides to buying a polycarbonate rather than a glass one??


i am having a new greenhouse later this year and have decided to go for toughend glass,  dont know much about polycarbonate but have been told it will not let as much light through and will discolour in time, im sure somebody on hear will have had some experiance

Thanks Little Ann!


I have just installed a greenhouse with toughened glass as my neighbour has a polycarbonate one and spent most of last year hunting around other peoples gardens for the panes when high winds blew them out!



If buying a GH again, I would probably go for toughened glass even if it's expensive. I had glass when we lived in Kent, the odd pane broke for various reasons, but here, in Dordogne I bought polycarbonate as I have horses in a stony paddock next door and they gallop about. Also, it was mail order and it was much lighter than glass so postage was cheaper. It's double polycarbonate so slightly warmer. But one wall pane did blow out a couple of times in gales and got trodden on by horse in paddock. We've repaired it with sticky tape and taped it in as well as using the clips and it's stayed put so far. But in the 8 years I've had it it has gone a bit yellow, but still light enough.


Carol 13 here's one i got last Sep 10x8 polycarbonate cost £399.



That seems a good price Andy how does it stand up to the wind?

Carol  not had any problems with the wind my garden has a 6ft hedge on the left hand side of it and a 6ft fence on the other side so get's a bit of protection but there has been some really strong winds since i got it but overall very happy with it so far.


Hello, I was lucky enough to bag a great bargain on ebay.  Got a nearly new Robinsons from a lady who had bought a house but didn't want the incumbent greenhouse.  It's glass and I absolutely love it.  I got it in late autumn when a lot of folk are clearing out.  There were quite a few good ones on ebay at that time.  I did lots of research though and knew I either wanted a Robinsons or a Rhino.  Both very sturdy and well made.  I got lots of advice and concluded that paying a bit more for a good one saves money in the long run as the quality will repay with fewer repairs and hopefully better growing.  I failed to convince my other half that he'd like to dismantle and collect and re- erect the greenhouse but found a company that just does this and paid around £400 (but it was over 200 miles away). Did it in a day.  All in all I couldn't be happier with it.

wow thats a great idea Tootles, didn't think about ebay!

I think my hubby would have the same opinion too! Thank you C

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