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barbara dancer

I have grown quite a lot of 'purple' poppies this year, they are really beautiful plants, unfortunately they don't last long I now have very large seed pods on the stems, can I take them off to store for next year? and if I can when? Otherwise if I wait for them to burst they will seed where I don't want them to? Any answers?

They will start to dry, keep an eye on them, the holes in the top dont open til they are ready, pick when you notice the holes
Its your choice, they usually store well, but most are tough enough to see the winter through. Maybe do a bit of both? I know this a bit of a stupid thing to say bit dont store them in the seed heads, when i tried this they went a bit mouldy as they must have been a bit wet inside
Orchid Lady

I was going to post exactly the same question.  I had Papaver Harlem and wanted to harvest the seeds.  Thanks Barbara and Rebecca 



You can put a paper bag (not a plastic one) over the seed pod and fix it with a rubber band.  The seed will fall into it when it is fully ripe.

Dont know why but opium poppies dont seem to like my garden, used to be a weed on the allotment! Got tons of red field poppy, any ideas?
Orchid Lady

Ooh thanks for that tip Welsh onion 



Yes thanks welsh onion.  Very handy.

If you want them to grow where they are this year as well as collecting some, simply knock the seed heads as they ripen and let the seeds fall. We used to do both and always got a good show in the same spot each year and then seed to use elsewhere.

I have memories of my grandmother collecting the poppies and hanging them upside down in the conservatory (don't know whether the heat helped or just provided her with a suitable spot out the way of small hands) with their heads in a paper bag to collect the seeds (just remember to label them!). I did this last year and ended up with an envelope full which I hope to use next year - once the seeds had fallen out of the heads I then left them on a tray in the windowsill for a few days just to ensure they were dry. This might not be necessary.

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