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Last spring I took my Aged Ps a planted container of spring flowers for their room at The Lovely Home, so that they knew spring had arrived.  When the flowers were over Pa told me to take them home and plant them in my garden - he was thrilled the other day when I told him that their primroses were in bloom in the garden   Little things mean such a lot!


Thank You so much, Lily, Dove and Chicky. I've always said that this is the warmest, friendliest forum I have ever visited. As you say about the P's, Dove, little things. Your welcome back has made my day. Grinning is infectious, Chicky. And Lily, it's lovely to know that people you have never met may care. Sorry to have bored you all, though, It's only cos I missed you all. And speaking of caring, What's happenned to Tea? Can't find her anywhere or her thread. Where should I be looking, there is so much on here.

Brum, did you take my comments to heart, luv? I see some sentimental bits from you. Don't go getting soft on us. Love your daft ones. And REALLY love that gardening/housework sign. Making one for my garden.

Love you all.

star gaze lily

See you're up late too, gardenjeannie   didnt bore me, lovely to hear from you.

Tea left ages ago, bit of an upset on here.

Must get some shut eye nite nite gj, take care  


"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else."

Winston Churchill

Orchid Lady

I couldn't upload images before on my iPad, but I've come on this morning and now I can.   So, this is one of my favourite ever sayings;




Today the sun will shine. It would have been my dear friend's birthday she was such a bright and happy lady, she will send us all some sun 

Special memories KEF, and sure enough the sun has been shining.x

Oh dear,  I can't see how that's going to help 


Uz seh----- this is absolutely  not necessary. If you don't like someones posts, just click on their avatar, and press the ignore button.  I have reported this to mods.

 If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all, or PM the person privately.


Well done Fidget.

Just want to say that GardenJeannie has made me feel even happier than I was already, having been out in the sunshine and had a good long walk.

Isn't it lovely when all the right things fall into place for someone


Orchid Lady

And there was me thinking that this was a nice friendly forum with people that can speak proper English!!!!  Not someone who just wants to insult and whose grammar is worse than a 10 year olds!!

If someone has upset you do as the others have said and PM them, don't bring your gripes on here to upset everyone else!!

Orchid Lady

I've just used my ignore button for the first time.....what a muppet!!



The ignore button has been pressed as it will be when he appears with yet another name. 

It's not worth getting angry or upset about, that's what encourages it. Total lack of response is the way to go. I love that ignore button


Tracey, learning to dance in the rain, I love that.

Didn't need to do that today though. Sunshine all the way


Tracey the ignore button certainly makes this forum a much nicer place sometimes, unfortunately there are people who just like to cause trouble like little internet warriors being all brave sat behind their sticky keyboards. Ignore them and be grateful you live a happier life!