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star gaze lily

It wasn't poison I was talking about Kef, 

No offence taken   thought you were covering for me lol 

star gaze lily

You wouldn't be showing off now, would you Brumbull  

star gaze lily

That snowman wasn't there just now it was something else  


I like the idea of KEF's 'pot of plenty' (09:09 today).

It reminds me of some ancient wisdom (Chinese, I think) passed to me years ago by a friend who had spent some time abroad:

If you have only 2Yen left in the world, with one buy bread, with the other a flower *

¥ for Yen read Euros!!

* or was it 'flour'?


Lily I meant I posted about poison... Because you have broken your PM's I can't explain what I'm on about.

Best attempt, you posted your mum was little, nice things small etc. & I go and put poison in small bottles   I'll take my tablets.

One for the other thread...stop digging when you are in a hole


I've been working in the 'Public Sector' for about 5 years after being the 'Private Sector' or real world for all of my working life prior to that.  Everything anybody has ever said to you about the way the public sector works was wrong - it is far, far worse than anybody who hasn't worked there could possibly imagine.

The great positive is that I only have a couple of years to go until retirement!


For Birdy13 and everyone.

 It does live in a more discreet place, not the most ornamental thing


KT53, hang in there, only 2 more years and you are free


When faced with difficulty and unkindness I've found this inspirational: 

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination."

Nelson Mandela

Hiya Dove,

Funny that's something I say occasionally too.  Think Nelson pinched it from me! 

star gaze lily

Sorry Kef,  i'll do a verdun and get my coat  

I'm happy to be wrong...but off do you relate your first posting to this thread Dove on gardening...'s what discussion does zoomer.   

Mind you, this very evening I was reminded how often I veer off subject.  I do it so much.  Then, I reminded my "accuser" the nicest poss way....that she too had just strayed off the subject.  We all do it Zoomer    Just check some of the threads here.  I'm happy with that though 

Not sure it was a post especialy on gardening anyway ...will need to check 


Hi Zoomer - this thread was never about gardening - it's in the Potting Shed Forum which is described as being for " garden gossip, topical debate or idle chit-chat." -  think this one comes under "idle chit chat".  

One or two people on the board are going through a particularly  tough time at the moment and others have said they can feel low at this time of year, particularly when not able to get out into their gardens because of the weather, so I thought a thread to share things that keep us positive and cheerful ..............  

is that ok? 


 Don't need pills - looking forward to seeing my snowdrops 


Beautiful pic dove, cheering me up this morning.

I'm enjoying this thread, along with most of the others from The Potting Shed.

I think that as long as we all try to help with questions and share our gardening knowledge on the gardening threads there is a place for some chat, support and laughs.

Hey!  Who put my picture up?  Bit upset cos someone's taken my nuts 

star gaze lily


When perhaps most of us won't be in the garden for the winter months, there won't be that much chat,  to do with gardens and questions. So i think its nice to stay in touch with our gardening friends.  For all we know we are perhaps the the only contact for some people especially during the winter months.

Also i enjoy our 'vertual' fun

Sorry if i've upset anyone.

Hiya lily

Dont think you have upset anyone 

Hey!  How's this for positive?  Unfurled  fresh socks and found a tenner......yippee!  Must have gone Imto the wash cos it was all crumpled,squeezed and tatty but it's          S p e n d a b l e.  

(my brother thought he had hit the jackpot when he moved into his new home few years back.  The previous owners left their old curtains and my brother found £20 notes stitched into the lining.  He then began a frantic search all over the old house.  Think he had a few hundred £'s )