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not much of  a party for me  who turn to drive next ??


I shall be making pasties this afternoon - if I make them in Verdun's log cabin, can I legally call them Cornish Pasties? 


Oh yes, even if all the  ingredients come from  France. However if you make the pasties in Norfolk,and all the ingredients are from Cornwall, you can't call them Cornish pasties.

Are these virtual non fattening pasties?


Most of them are actual aids to slimming FB  - but some will be especially fattening for OH - he's a skinnyribs who requires regular stoking with carbs.

And  I might take one to my son tomorrow as his wife is in Riyadh on business - a bit of Mum's home cooking might be appreciated - mind you, he's a jolly good cook himself but he'll be busy with her being away.



A stack of Not Cornish Pasties cooling in the kitchen - all the washing up's been done so you're all safe   Help yourselves folks 

I celebrated with the real thing tonight, fresh up from Padstow - my daughter is suffering from breast cancer, and despiteone more session of chemo to come next week, this morning her consultant says her lump seems to have disappeared - she will have a lumpectomy on 7th January, but doctors are surprised at the results of her chemotherapy, which was the strongest they could give her. So, we and her two little 'uns are happy tonight - things are looking positive. Best wishes , and hope, to anyone else out there who is suffering.


Oh Pentillie - how encouraging - I am so very pleased for you, your daughter and all your family   Hopefully the end to all your worrying is in sight. 

Hey Pentillie, very very pleased for you.  That's great news.  You and Stacey will have great Xmas this year each getting the best possible presents 

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So very pleased for you Pentillie. My very best wishes to you and your family.

Thanks folks. It's like life has been in suspended animation for months, and today's news is so so encouraging. As you say Verdun, Christmas is back on the menu for us, and Stacey. My daughters two little ones, aged 4 and 6,will get back to normal for a while - they have been so supportive and loving towards her, and I know the whole thing has had a profound effect on the 6 year old - he is very sensitive, and picked up on things, and looked them up on the Internet - but he stayed strong, and he certainly will enjoy Christmas!

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Hope you have the best christmas ever Pentillie, best wishes x


Fantastic news Pentillie x


Pentillie, very happy for you and your family.



We're all celebrating with Pentille and Stacey!!! 



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Sometimes all a person needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand

Put this on another thread but feltit was better on here.


Such good news Pentillie - great to have lots to be positive about