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Which plugs??

Plant outside??

Doubtful-too early

But -again-which plugs?

Wierd. Where did all my text go?! I'll try again... So, I have osteospermum, delospernum, phlox and saponaria plugs and lots of them! All to plant in a south facing bank in Cornwall (ground cover/soil stabilisation). It's definitely got warmer down here and it's wet (and ridiculously windy). If I pot them on they may be difficult to plant in the steep and crumbly bank and of course if it suddenly got dry and hot (I am an optimist) then that would be stressy for the plants and it would be impossible to water them properly. But then they're small plugs and its been a very cold spring, the low temps might not even be over yet... Any views?

Are they hardened off? If they haven't lived ooutside yet I'd do that first.

My text disappears sometimes, usually when I forget to press the green submit button

Hello helcatt
Another Cornish guy.....I guess maybe Helston area?
It is warmer now...don't know where you are but here I think any frost has long gone.
Your plugs need to be hardened off.....
Where are they now? Greenhouse or outside?
Can you fleece them after planting for couple weeks? To help protect from animals if nothing else


I am just hardening off my geranium cuttings which have been inside all winter. I put them out in the morning and bring them in again about 5pm, I will do this for two weeks. If it is windy I will shelter them and also from hard rain but touch wood we haven't had any rain since I started putting them out. They are doing ok.
So the consensus is harden-off?! They are in a conservatory/porch at the moment. So to harden-off. I take them outside and bring them in at night (or if weather takes a sudden downturn) for a week is that right?

Hello fellow Cornish Gardener - I'm a mile from Porthtowan Verdun. Enjoying a sunny day, hurrah!
Glad I remembered to bring them all in last night. Did we have a light frost last night - it looked like we might of!
Afternoon hellcat,
Porthtowan not too far away.
Didn't get frost here but some places did ....glad you brought your plants in
Always important to harden plants off
Enjoy this brilliant sunshine hellcat ...

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