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has anyone had any success with plants that poundland sell.. they sell all kimd of shrubs and mine now are flowering amazing some better then roses i purchased from the nursery well impreesed  apparantly the only reason they have these shrubs is due to mis shaping or something silly but i have had no worrys with them, just wondering what other peoples success with them have been like? and does anyone know whether its a bit late in the year to buy some more bareroot roses from there as they do look a bit ill this time of year thank you 


My 11 year old bought me some summer bulbs for mothers day a few years ago. I only managed to plant them this year, and am happy to say, they're growing well 

As for the roses, you've nothing to lose by having a go......maybe a quid or two, but hey, you might be pleasantly surprised 

I have bought lots of bulbs from there over the years and have been impressed.bareroot plants are hit and miss but it is only a pound


What can you lose except a pound or two?  I bought several very inexpensive plants from Morrisons recently, very pleased with them so far, Wilco also good - just don't expect rare things and you can't really go wrong. 


Never had any issues with them. Bought a few over the years... so far, so good ! 


i usually buy bedding plants from morrisons and they are usually pretty good

Poundworld also have a very large range of plants and shrubs for just £1, you should check it out. 

Shrinking Violet

Tulips were excellent this year - and a fraction of the price from a GC.  Calla Lilies are now in bloom - a bit on the small side, but healthy, and I expect that they will bulk up over time.  Gardeners are generally pretty patient - so small and seemingly poorly shaped plants will doubtless prove their worth over a few years.  Obviously - not an instant fix or make-over!

I bought asiatic lilies from pound land and also the same more expensive from garden and nursery store . I potted them up in the exact same containers and same compost mix they both in full sun . Well I was surprised the more expensive bulbs have already flowered and finished they were average might be better next years . However the pound land bulbs grew slower but they are very strong and have yet to flower but they have all grown with large flower buds at the moment I am favouring the pound land asiatic lily 2 lots  cost me £2 against £10 spent at garden store I know I will be back to pound land for bulbs 

Tesco have Corepsis and Shasta Daises in large pots for £4 ready to flower this season- not £land, but still a bargain!


Rosie, it may be that your lilies are of two different types as well. I have lilies in flower from early July until the end of September, sometimes into October, depending on the weather.  So it may be that yur cheaper ones are just a naturally flowering later one  -  I agree, many bulbs bought in the cheaper shops are every bit as good as the expensive kinds - unless you want a specific new colour or type. 

All the bulbs and plants I have bought from Poundland have grown beautifully. Last year I bought 2 raspberry plants, I was very happy with them, they grew loads of fruit and were so sweet πŸ’πŸŒΈπŸ₯€πŸŒΉπŸ˜Š

Morrisons and the Poundshop/land type stores can be good for plants. My Morrisons regularly has plants for 8p (I really live in an area where people hate plants!) - I have Yew, Lonicera, variegate Ivy, Japanese Ferns, Camellia and Aucuba all bought for pennies and all alive and thriving.

My Poundland Roses (I am not a typical Rose lover) all flowered and looks pretty (a few are scented).

I have also bought bits from Poundland, everything has been fine. The bonemeal fertilizer,and plant food is much more affordable too. I Also buy the wild bird seed from there,which looks exactly the same as the ones from the big supermarkets.Fat balls are not so good,the netting breaks easily.🐦

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