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I am sure the cafe owner was tired that day or that she was an oddball, just stereotypical of all the French. 


Oops, missed out not after just! 


Watching Inca civilisation and was very amazed that these people could build something so complicated and sophisticated at such a high altitude hundreds of years ago. People couldn't even breathe properly at such height. Bet they must think they have altered state of mind up there!

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Just watched Sunday's Sherlock, when I was watching it, I thought why am i, but when I got to the end it all became clear. Finished watching the 2nd episode of Yellowstone, because I fell asleep the first time.

For some reason I spent Saturday evening sleeping.

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flowers in the rain

My son did the Inca Trail a couple of years ago and said it was an amazing experience, some stunning pics taken too! x



flowers: Must be a life-time experience. The gruesome story of human sacrifice is just frightening. Nothing has changed. Today, we have kiddy executing an adult ..


First time ever watched Silent Witness, really enjoyed it, especially  the way the man passed electric pulse to the dead man's finger to unlock the smart phone! 

Did anyone watch on Friday Montys big dream small spaces? 

Liked the border in the big garden nice choice of plants


I have just started watching BDSS and must pay attention to the border as mentioned by you, Gardengirl. 

Alan Bennett's diary sent me to deep sleep. But I will solder on. Just like to finish  ... as I have started.. 

Gardengirl, yes I watched big dreams small spaces. I liked it all.


Bbc2  New documentary. Hospital. 9.00pm

Bbc4 James may: the Reassembler. Mini motorcycle.9.00pm. they should make it an hour.


I think subconsciously I meant solder or soldier .. same to me! Ha!

BDSS with Monty I Also liked the trellis around the garden, all the bird houses put together - would birds go and live in bird boxes if lots put together?


Was watching Silent Witness and wondered how these extortionists could afford to give up their VW vans which were not cheap! 

Gardengirl.. says:

BDSS with Monty I Also liked the trellis around the garden, all the bird houses put together - would birds go and live in bird boxes if lots put together?

See original post

 Blue tits wouldn't, but if they put nest boxes suitable for sparrows or starlings- they like to live in communities so that would work. 

As for crooks' vehicles, I don't suppose they're bought and paid for legitimately so there's no real cost. 

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Finished watching the last episode of Yellowstone last night, it was good.Sad when animals struggle with climate change.


Just started watching Ethel and Ernest. I am sure I will love it. 

Forgot to mention yesterday,Bbc1 new. Spy in the wild.8.00pm. cameras disguised as the animals they are filming.

Tonight. 13, January.bbc4 10.00pm David Bowie at the BBC. Clips from archive from 1964 until his death.

Bbc4 11.00pm David Bowie: five years in the making of an icon.

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Watched spy in the wild, it was good how they made the animals. When the monkeys tried to move it, it looked dead to them and they were very upset.

TONIGHT, Bbc4 9.00pm James may: the Reassembler. Portable record player.

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