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There all realistic babies can't think of the word. The last one was last Sunday hubby was bad so watched it on Monday. There's a special at Christmas and a new series next year.


They must have been filmed in hospitals and the skin colours ordered as a requirement! Got to go.. or I will be nattering here the whole day.  I also watched the last one. Still 6 and 7 to go.. 


The real marigold hotel visits Ooty tonight on the little steam tain.

That's where I collected my dahlia Imperialis seeds. Fond memories .


I'm watching Weird Nature and although they are a bit old, I really enjoy it. Look at this crab sprucing itself up.. Hilarious .. Or better still, tarting itself up. .. with lace and pearl .. Episode 2


Good Pottery Throwdown, so funny when Freya's toilet shot water out all over the judge! 



" Keith was so pleased to see I had a nice clean bottom"

" I wonder what will happen when I offer up my rim"

and so it went on.

Roll on next week when Ryan takes off his shirt.

Kitty 2

Yes Busy-Lizzie, it was a cracking Throw Down last night. Ryan truly deserved to win pot of the week with that magnificent turtle toilet 🐢🚽

 My daughter said right at the start that Freya would have trouble with this one due to her lack of planning on previous tasks. We laughed out loud when Kate got drenched by her enormous 'bidet' 😅

Clover is our favourite 😊

Line of duty starts on 26th march, you can watch series 3 on i player now.


Start watching the pottery series. Could only start with the 2nd and it's good viewing.. 


So excited to see Waddesdon Manor in Episode 5 of the pottery show .. Lovely topiary of the brid .. If you haven't been, nice to make a day out of it .. You would think you're in La Loire .. in France ..

Freya is consistently good! 

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Vera tonight , Hurrah.


Watching episode 7 of Call the Midwife .. What a moving story; children from mixed parentage being called names and the disfigured little girl Susan is going to face a life of hardship and prejudice. Love the whole series .. Quite thought provoking. 


Downloading The papers 2 episodes to watch and hopefully finish the episode 7 of Call the Midwife and episode 7 of the pottery series. Wonder when sewing bees is on!? Oh, yes, there is the Line of Duty! Wonder how old Martin Crompton is - some people look forever young and he's one of those! 

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Nurse Crane:

You, a man of faith, would turn to the All Mighty for advice. 

I, a rational woman,have no-one to question but myself! 

I can feel her loneliness, but I'd would rather be her! Controlling of the mind is a very dangerous thing.

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Watching The Papers with Martin Lipton talking about Osborne's possibility of using the Standard to diss May and help his own political career.

Quite hilarious when he pronounced the world Brexit as it sounded exactly like Rexit. But lordy, I love his views and he had a better take on things than Rosamund. Urwin who's a lightweight.. Give me Martin in The Papers any day .. I also like Tim Stanley .. 


I don't watch much on central because of all the advertisement.

Vera Hosta lovely scenes of Craster and the farne islands shows how beautiful here in the North east and Northumberland is ,shame she can't speak proper Geordie 

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