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Amy, have you seen Last Tango In Halifax?

Monday 19th BBC1.9.00pm. Two parter. 2nd part on Tuesday.

The super vet at 20th

Wednesday 21st bbc1 5.00pm. back in time for Christmas

Friday 23 BBC 1 6.00pm. inside the Christmas factory.

Christmas eve BBC 2 9.00pm.Film.the lady in the van

Christmas day bbc1 9.00pm Call the midwife.

That's all for now.

Apparently over half the programmes being shown on BBC over Christmas are repeats.  If you miss any of them this time round I'm sure they'll all be back on next year too.  Can I just pay half the TV licence fee and use the old licence again for the rest?

What really gets me mad is when they announce repeats as "Another chance to see"

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Sorry it's  my phone, when I put a word in if I don't notice it changes it to what it thinks it should be. So it's my fault not remembering it.

The film should be good, it's got Maggie smith acting the lady in the van. If I get a chance to see it.


Bright spot for Monty and Nigel fans - GW back on March 10th.  93 sleeps to go.


Aym, the lady in the van hasn't been out for long. There's also Dr. Who, but the last series was rubbish.

Didn't bother with the 6 wives of Henry the viii, seen programmes before. Watching a place to call home, for the 3rd time. It's still good. Only watched 1ep. of Deep water, haven't got round to watching the rest. Watched 1 ep. of my mother and other strangers. It's ok I suppose.

Aym, i guess I am Mama Bligh has got James has an heir as well. You've got to watch the 2nd series to understand it all. Yes the first series is human. I can't get around to watching everything, so I have to choose which one that I really want. Managed to stay awake to watch the grand tour for the first time. At the moment I think it's a bit boring.Been watching Deep Space Nine for the second time, that's on Monday to Friday. Got the next generation and voyager on DVD. Have you watched the ghost whisperer? Got that on dvd. It's good, it's got a story ark through it.

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Aym, ah you do know a lot about place to call home. I wasn't thinking of that baby, got things muddled up.

Ds9, is a star trek production. Based on a space station, orbiting a planet call bajour. The people on the planet have just fought off a 50 year occupation of the Cardasseions and from the space station. So the federation of planets help bajour to re build their lives and their planet. Where the space station is there's a worm hole where ships can travel through it,traveling from one galaxy to another. But on the other side there's a race that doesn't like it called the Dominion, they've bread a race called  the jem hadah, to fight for them, so they start a war with the federation and any body who gets in there way. But they can join them.And be controlled by them.

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Kitty 2

I watched Six Wives aym, it was interesting to hear more about the history of the wives and not focus on Henry so much. 

I like "The Trek" too Logan. Wasn't that keen on the Dominion War storyline though. Voyager is my favourite, but I still have a soft spot for the "cheesiness" of TNG. Live long and prosper 

Aym, red dwarf is good. But it's more of a comedy than star trek.

Watching strictly tonight. Seen last night's it takes two, they showed a clip of a colie dog watching strictly and he  was close to the tv bobbing up and down to the dancers.

Kitty2, live long and prosper.


Red Dwarf was meant to be funny.  I remember loving the first series of Star Trek back in the 60s but when I see it now it is unintentionally funny and cheesy.   OH and I also enjoyed the later spin-offs but Voyager was our favourite, especially after 7 of 9 joined the cast.

Loved that dog on SCD2 last night.   Our two only react to wildlife or acts, dogs and doorbells on TV.  

The best bit about Xmas TV is the old musicals.  They said that last week's Musicals SCD had them all but they missed out all the Fred Astaire and Gen Kelly decades and many more.

Looking forward to Xmas Bake Off and Last Tango but don't know about any other goodies yet.

Aym, ok. Look forward to seeing it.

The only thing is Friday's show is its an hour long, which is too long.

Aym, I'm glad that you have watched the other series. Have you watched Happy Valley?

Kitty, Obelixx, there's a new series of star trek to be made next year, about may time. Because it will be the 50th anniversary of star trek.Starting in the states, it will be a bit like ds9, the story will go on through the series.

Yes I know red dwarf was meant to be funny. I liked it at the time and my son had all the tapes.

Which I had to put up with, but I didn't mind really.

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Kitty 2

I've heard whispers about "Discovery" online Logan, but still not sure where the plotlines sit in the Star Trek universe?  Didn't get into the "Enterprise" series as I was still busy with job & young 'uns when it premiered. This one seems to be coming to Netflix, with Bryan Fuller at the helm.

I did enjoy the movies in the JJ Abraham's reboot series, an exciting new timeline with more than a few "nods" to the back story. He was able to create a new story whilst tickling the boxes for die hards ( in the same way as DS9 Trials & Tribbleations did)


Logan - never saw the Enterprise series as by then we were in Belgium with only BBC1 and 2 on cable so 2 decades of ITV and other channels passed us by.   Now we have satellite so can catch up on stuff on the many channels that just seem to do repeats.

Will have to keep an eye out for the new Star Trek but May will mean longer days and warmer weather and more time outside and less in front of the box - in theory.

The new series will only be in the states, we won't see it in may.

Kitty 2, just Googled star trek. As you say it is called Discovery but it will be on the CBS Access channel. Saw a trailer on Utube, it looks good.

Kitty, hubby said it will be on Netflix as you said. Sorry I was wrong. I won't be able to watch it because it's a pay channel, we only have freeview.

Just watched the 4th episode of the grand tour. Yes I did fall asleep, but not for long and I didn't miss much.

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