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Amy, have you seen Last Tango In Halifax?

Monday 19th BBC1.9.00pm. Two parter. 2nd part on Tuesday.

The super vet at 20th

Wednesday 21st bbc1 5.00pm. back in time for Christmas

Friday 23 BBC 1 6.00pm. inside the Christmas factory.

Christmas eve BBC 2 9.00pm.Film.the lady in the van

Christmas day bbc1 9.00pm Call the midwife.

That's all for now.


pssst - who's Amy? Thanks for doing the list though.

Apparently over half the programmes being shown on BBC over Christmas are repeats.  If you miss any of them this time round I'm sure they'll all be back on next year too.  Can I just pay half the TV licence fee and use the old licence again for the rest?

What really gets me mad is when they announce repeats as "Another chance to see"

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Sorry it's  my phone, when I put a word in if I don't notice it changes it to what it thinks it should be. So it's my fault not remembering it.

The film should be good, it's got Maggie smith acting the lady in the van. If I get a chance to see it.



Logan, The Lady in the Van is a brilliant watch and Maggie Smith is, as always, excellent. I agree with you re the licence. It makes me furious!

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Bright spot for Monty and Nigel fans - GW back on March 10th.  93 sleeps to go.


Logan: I know the auto spell check is very officious.

LB - stop pulling our lovely Logan's leg. But still, you are MY DOVE! 

Obelixx: 93 sleeps too many! Really look forward to the one hour programme. ..

KT: Perhaps, we could also petition using this

Can I just pay half the TV licence fee and use the old licence again for the rest?

for a refund!

I am surprised people buy Sky or Virgin TV channels. There I was sitting down watched 3 hours of snapped on one channel. The following day, Snapped on the TV guide and I said to myself - what a wonderful way to watch such snappy half an hour programmes whilst nursing my leg! Lo and behold, they were the same programmes shown the day before on another channel. Unless my son pays for the TV licence, I will cancel it again. Too many repeats. Why are people buying Sky or Virgin? Must admit if I had children, I would pay for National Geographics .. Apart from that ... I don't see the point! Can you subscribe to National Geo on its own please? 


Logan: I have  marked down the time and date on my calendar. I look forward to watching Last Tango in Halifax. I started watching it too late so I ended up watching the last 2 or 3 episodes which I quite enjoyed. I have never heard of Lady in the Van. Hope it lives up to its billing. 

Aym, the lady in the van hasn't been out for long. There's also Dr. Who, but the last series was rubbish.


aym I am sure that you won't be disappointed - The Lady in the Van is marvellous.


Oh, gee! It seems to me I have been living in a cave, Logan! Haha! I have never watched so much TV as in the last 2 weeks.  I don't think I would want to watch Dr Who. It's just not my genre. Look forward to seeing Lady in the Van, LB. Are you still doing the quiz? I have totally given up as I don't read a lot of novels and can't really follow it like the others. I flipped in and out and kept losing the thread. Apologies to all the lovely guys on that thread.  


Yes aym the quiz is a permanent fixture now but its not all novels as I do films as well.


LB: You've brought so much joy to the guys. It's amazing how happy they are. I am watching Rillington Place and every now and then, I have to stop to see how much longer to the end. I am like that. Can't really stick to one thing for too long. I remember saying to myself, I will go to see LB and then realise that I am so out of my depth, then I give up and I am totally lost .. so I don't go back any more as i can't keep asking which quiz hasn't been solved. 

Now you're the leader of a happy gang! Think about the joy you've spread..  and that's even before Christmas!


I am now watching Six Wives with Lucy Worsley. Like all her programmes.Just wish it were half an hour or 45 minutes - like A place to call home! 


Didn't bother with the 6 wives of Henry the viii, seen programmes before. Watching a place to call home, for the 3rd time. It's still good. Only watched 1ep. of Deep water, haven't got round to watching the rest. Watched 1 ep. of my mother and other strangers. It's ok I suppose.


A 3rd time! Gee, Logan, you're such a romantic. I'm not very keen on the 2nd series. I look forward to watching the 3rd. As I said before, Mama Bligh will realise that she has to eat her humble pie as Sarah's bun in the oven is her only heir! 

1st series is very human, isn't it? Seeing mama Bligh drink with Jack is very touching.  I just like Lucy Worsley - very intelligent and fun. It took me a while to get used to her pronunciation. Now I embrace it. 

Aym, i guess I am Mama Bligh has got James has an heir as well. You've got to watch the 2nd series to understand it all. Yes the first series is human. I can't get around to watching everything, so I have to choose which one that I really want. Managed to stay awake to watch the grand tour for the first time. At the moment I think it's a bit boring.Been watching Deep Space Nine for the second time, that's on Monday to Friday. Got the next generation and voyager on DVD. Have you watched the ghost whisperer? Got that on dvd. It's good, it's got a story ark through it.

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Logan: Deep Space Nine is about what? Sounds like some time lapse story! Lissy's baby is not James', if I remember correctly. Lissy got the baby from some girl, arranged by Andrew Swanson. So basically, Mama Blight has only got James as the only heir. 

So Grand Tour must have improved as you managed to stay awake! 

60 minutes is too long. I am watching Planet Earth III and giggled when the bee eater birds hitch hiked on all sorts. But I had to stop several times when it is getting too long for me. 

Aym, ah you do know a lot about place to call home. I wasn't thinking of that baby, got things muddled up.

Ds9, is a star trek production. Based on a space station, orbiting a planet call bajour. The people on the planet have just fought off a 50 year occupation of the Cardasseions and from the space station. So the federation of planets help bajour to re build their lives and their planet. Where the space station is there's a worm hole where ships can travel through it,traveling from one galaxy to another. But on the other side there's a race that doesn't like it called the Dominion, they've bread a race called  the jem hadah, to fight for them, so they start a war with the federation and any body who gets in there way. But they can join them.And be controlled by them.

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