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Pennine Petal
How awful for you when you have put so much care and love into it. Try freecycle, someone I know got a greenhouse from there, you never know what you might find.

I feel so very sorry for you, especially as you are staring off on such a tight budget. O hope it is sorted out quickly. 

I must say my first thoughts were allotment association or the other allotmenteers that you must ahve talked to while you were putting in all the hard work. You may be surprised at what they noticed.

Freecycle is very good


hawk and rose


Lovely police officer has come and he's seen all our evidence and seen all the photos and the time stamps and the boxes and pots etc and he's convinced that this is definitely theft, or at least the man clearly didn't have a clue what he was doing.

He's going to get the address for the man and go round and see what the outcome is and try and get our items back, the police officer is then going to talk to the council about the water butts for us as they have damaged our allotment in the process.

So we have to see what happens now...


Good luck. Let us know how it all progresses won't you 



Such a sad story--fingers crossed for you. Lucky you had photos!

Keep us posted!


Yes, let us know what happens next (we like a bit of Miss Marple/Poirot/Bergerac on this board )  and please don't be discouraged  (((more hugs))) - we gardeners have to face all sorts of setbacks, like a summer of continual rain like last year, and invasions of killer slugs etc, but the thing is to keep looking forward to what can be done to make things better and to share things with those around you, and keep remembering, it's cheaper than joining a gym  


My fingers are crossed,too

Pam LL x


I am so proud to belong to a forum where the people are so supportive

I wish hawk and rose that everything gets restored to you.

Please don't be discouraged.  I'm on a very tight budget too, I got an amazing cold frame from Amazon for about £30 last year, and I find Aldi to be fab at gardening things.  They've got PVC 3 and 4 tier greenhouses in at the minute, and they had fruit trees a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know if your local Aldi will have any, but they had raised bed kits for a tenner.  They are very good if you can get there on a Sunday and Thursday when the 'special buys' come in.

Poundstretcher and Wilkos are also very good, but can be hit-and-miss as to what they have in.  I also save my Tesco clubcard points and use these on gardening offers.  They have an offer ATM for strawberry plants, something like £4 worth of points for 10 strawberry runners (delivered).  They also have fruit trees on offer, but they're about £12 worth of points (I never seem to accumulate that many).

I hope it's just a huge misunderstanding, hopefully the chap took all the stuff away thinking it was his Mum's, with any luck it will be sitting in his shed, and the police can get it back.

I keep trying freecycle to see if I can find a shed/greenhouse/chicken coop, no luck as yet!  I get emails every day, but it's mostly folks thinking Freecycle is like their own personal Argos - they even specify the colour of the leather sofas they want!!!

Chin up, hopefullly you'll make lots of friends with other allotment holders when they find out what's happened, and they can help you replace some of what you've lost.

Caz W

Sending best wishes and good luck to Hawk & Rose.  I'm sure MummyMuddyPaws is right when she says other allotment holders will want to help when they know what's happened.  Us gardeners are generally a very friendly bunch who love to share their extras and I'm sure before long you'll be having your own extras to offer to others. Everyone on here is wishing you well so keep thinking those positive thoughts. xx


So sorry to hear your sad story. I do hope you get it sorted out and get all your things back. It must be so distressing to have something like that happen and I can not begin think how you must be feeling. Last year I had someone take a short cut over the fence as they running away from the police and they jumped through my greenhouse and broke all the glass and the greenhouse had only been up a few weeks, I was nearly in tears over that, but its nothing compared to how you have suffered. Do let us know what the outcome is. Good Luck

Hawk and rose. All of us on ths forum are going to pay this guy a visit! Well,we would like to. At least spread the word on this guy so everyone knows who he is. last year a "friend" took a couple of beautiful double white n purple tender osteospermums from my garden. They were in pots ready to plant out. He was spotted so I went round to his garden removed my plants and left my dogs poo there on the planting holes instead. Ok! Not nice but satisfying. We gardeners can be a vengeful bunch!

Verdun, well done! And donutsmrs, I hope the  cut themselves on your greenhouse glass!


Also following your story with interest and very much sympathy, Hawk and rose. I'm right behind Verdun with a pitchfork for your thief


Hey FloMarmalade, not too close with that pitchfork. I can feel the pain already!
The potty gardener

Everyone on here is so supportive. Do look on the seed swap, I only have seeds of flowers( gave all the veg ones to a neighbour ), but I'm sure someone has something that would help you. Good luck xx


Oh, Verdun, so sorry! Your rear was closer than I thought - or larger

Tell me about it Flo. Cant sit down!

Hello hawk and rose

Not nice what went on with your new allotment, pain if you have to pay out money for things like the cold frame and the water butts it would be nice if you manage to get back the one you had and the herbs.

I would like to offer you some cuttings of the herb Rosemary as my plant needs a cut in my garden so I will send you a message.

I am also on seed swap forum but not sure if you would have anything to swap as you only have a new allotment so I am fine to pay postage and just send you some cuttings, we are nice gardeners on here and like to help out where we can

Link to forum below

Enjoy growing things in your new allotment