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Oakley Witch
I was my local garden centre today and noticed the price of things are really going up. I went in for a clear cover for my trays and they wanted ??6 for 1!!! I was cooking mince tonight and rinsed the tub it came in an turned it out to dry, it works as a tray cover Anyone else got some thrifty ideas???
The potty gardener

Yogurt and ice cream tubs. The tops are perfect to use as saucers

Gardening Grandma

Cut plastic milk cartons in half with sharp knife.

Bottom of plastic milk cartons  - plant pot.

Top of plastic milk cartons - cloche to protect newly emerging clematis/lupins/ hostas from slugs. Or, upside down with cap on and pressed into soil, beer trap for slugs.

Fruit punnets already have holes punched in so are useful as planting trays or for cut and come again salad leaves in the house.  Plastic take away tubs also get used as plant trays in our house.



Cut up yoghourt pots etc to use as plant labels.

Plastic milk cartons make good compost and bird food scoops just leave the lid on for a compost scoop.  If you take the lid off you can use them to scoop and funnel bird food into feeders.

Caz W

I always save my eggshells - leave them to dry a while first - crush them and sprinkle them around my plants.  I know this will not completely stop the slug attacks but I do however feel strangely satisfied that at least they will have struggled and been most  uncomfortable

I use plastic milk cartons to store home made seaweed feed. Reuse old labels by soaking them in bleach for a few days, takes all the marker pen off them. Old panes of cracked glass from the GH get cut down to uniform sizes and are used as cloches.The large fizzy pop bottles are cut in half as cloches.

An old plastic dust bin for a water butt, the up turned lid collects water and when full it gets tipped in. An old plastic dust bin stores next years manure or  can be used to let leaves rot down in. Flower buckets to grow veg in. I've cut the bottom of those too and use them in the GH as bottomless pots to grows stuff in the GH bed. 

Wooden fruit crates are excellent for putting potted up plants in. The containers take-a-ways come in are good to freeze stuff grown in the garden and great to store various feeds like bone meal in or bird seed, slug pellets etc, and. they are mouse, nibble proof. I have a problem some years with mice in the shed nibbling through things. 


I've spent the last few days cutting up old crates and turning them in to planters (which will be used mostly for carrots this year) not bad if you can get them for free.
hollie hock

The best freebies I would say are  palletts......loads around everywhere, nobody wants them, but you can make loads out of them them.  People are all to happy for you to take them off their hands. Slap some some wood stain on them, they will last for years.



Miss C wrote (see)

Fruit punnets already have holes punched in so are useful as planting trays or for cut and come again salad leaves in the house.  Plastic take away tubs also get used as plant trays in our house.

I use those too and also sometimes put one on top, sticking a bit of tape long the join on one side, effectively making a mini-propagator.

I meant pallets in my earlier post rather than crates, oops. Yeah really useful for making compost bins too.

might be horribile to say but my unkle passed away (its okay) but the goodies he left behind it was like a haven  (to me) (am such a srcat) but can use so much of the things he left its great! (i do know that if i can make something of it then Yes Id here my Unkle say if you can use it .use it

True Gardener!

We have recycled the washing machine drum of our old washing machine and I have planted it up with strawberrie plants.

I made a blog on blogger you can see it here.





Obvious one, old toilet roll inners as bio-plant pots. Old plastic bottles - cut in half, use the end with the spout submerged in a planter or near a plant in the garden, easy to fill and get water directly to the roots and use the other end as a cloche. Or cut a tube, with some sticky copper tape around it as a sleeve for young plants to grow through without having to deal with slugs & snails. I also crush up egg shells and sprinkle around new or plants that are prone to slugs & snails. Whenever my next door neighbour needs her bamboo cut back, I keep the old canes & leave them to dry against a wall and use them as plant supports. 

I use egg shells mainly In GH pots and on the GH bed as one defence againt slugs and snails but egg shells also add a little calcium to the soil.  .

Gardening Grandma

I've seen plastic pop bottles used to construct an entire greenhouse, supported in a wooden frame by netting.

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