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Here you are, folks.....on you go!

Hazel -1

Take it easy today MU and hope your back and sciatic pain eases soon too.My nose was a block of ice  last night ha ha!

It has got up to 11 C here now so really quite mild and sunny. Might just go and look in the greenhouse. I did go out earlier to do some painting but discovered I had run out of paint! So I came back home again.

OH tooth / infection pain is finally easing! Antibiotics have done the trick.

Glad he's feeling a bit better, Hazel....antibiotics usually take around 3 days to 'kick in'.  Now he can get the troublesome tooth removed, or something less drastic!

I'd better get a slow wriggle on.....not overdoing it today though!


Morning everyone - just in time. It is sleety rainy hideous here. No chance whatsoever of getting outside in the garden. Take care of that scatic nerve M-U - not pleasant.


Glad your OH's pain is receding now - its been a long time that, so I can only imagine how miserable it has been for him.



Waiting for football to start so as I get into garden. Three matches this afternoon 

Take it easy M-U.   Mr woodpecker coming every morning now no doubt Mrs will be there too.

star gaze lily

Hi ya'll  found you! 

Stopped hissing down and the sun has peeked through some big black clouds.

That went off before I'd  finished and I can't  remember  what else I was about to say! it's  like going to the top of the stairs and wondering  why you went up there

See you later  peeps x

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I have left off my new gardening gear from that South American River company in favour of the following as my garden is underwater with all this sleety, rain:

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LB you must be sick to the back teeth of all this rain you're seems to have gone on relentlessly for months now.  It's sickening, when all you want is a few days in the garden. It's so frustrating. When's it going to stop?  Can you get anything going in the greenhouse?


In for a coffee.  Have done an hour of gardening from a chair -----moving it round to all the pots:- weeded them, tidied up heucheras  and cut back some perennial stuff  Pruned one of the clematis and will do more 'stand up' jobs after cof.  Kneel down work tomorrow, weather permitting. NOT rushing at it even though so much to do.   The grass is sodden after so much rain   


Hello all, just to keep my foot in the door.


M-U I have quite a lot going on in the greenhouse and you are right, I, at least, have that cover I can work in. The north west is notorious for its rain but I think we have had our fair share now. I noticed that my blasted celandines are all up and thriving. Thank goodness these die off after Spring is done as no matter how many I dig up they come back 5 fold. Its those wretched little tubers! Rant over!

Chill out time

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Worra wee cutie!  Love it when cats and kittens do that!

Celandines....yep.....blasted little so-and-sos.....I have given up trying to get rid because it's impossible, and as you say, they vanish from sight eventually.  That brash buttercup yellow clashes with some stuff but it is nice in some places. 

Hi Busy!


Morning girls.   

Torrential rain here.  Dark and dismal.  

Not planning to do anything but a dinner today.     

I have my Spring visitor back.   The sparrow that's doing her best to get into the loft space again.  I know she will manage it as by the sounds of it she has brought a heavy duty tool kit and Dockers with her this year.   She's been making noises for a few days now starting a pt 6.30.    You gotta give her A for effort tho.   

We've been hearing small flocks of Canda geese flying over for a week now.  Love that whooping sound they make.  Summer is coming, sooner rather than later.   

MU?  My sympathies,  sciatica is really painful.   Hope Iv got that right.   Can't turn back the page. 

LANTANA.  Same sympathies to you too.   Take it steady.  Very painful. 

.HAZEL.   Pleased to read your oh's pain is easing and not Joyce's oh.    

NO, I didn't miss the subtle hint either, but like the others wanted to make sure.   Congratulation to you all on the little fellow's coming.   Will he be your first GC ?    

TETLEY.   I'd curl up with your dogs if I were you.  😴

David Haye lost his fight then.     

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Hazel -1

Hi RB. 4th grandchild but first grandson so swelling the male inhabitants here! Very welcome lol!

I'm click clacking here on the teeny, weeny thingie ! Could do with a bit of help from LB here on such itsy-bitsy knitting


Hazel -1

Does anyone else think this is too small??


Aaahh nice Hazel.   Congratulations !!!  

To small ???      Nope, it will fit him for at least 10mins.  Lol.   No, it's fine Hazel.  

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Pacing myself well today. A plate of soup then another hour in front garden to prune buddleia and hydrangeas.   Stain free clothes for front garden   lots of folk walking past on a Sunday afternoon.

Hazel -1

I shall plod on with it, RB, and see how big it ends up when completed!

Wow, Joyce, you are having a whale of a time outside today ,getting lots of jobs done as well as having a good gossip and natter  too!