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I'm only 27 Joyce - as are we all

A late good morning. Pansy, sorry but we got your thunderstorm and rain. At 3am. That was also the same time I ended up downstairs cuddling dog who was a quivering wreck. Eventually took her upstairs with me and she settled curled up into a tight ball on the floor next to the bed. I'm tired......!

Joyce, we're used to farm smells too but it has to be said that some are definitely window closing ones, never mind how hot it is

Online grocery shopping? A great idea! Have done it ever since OH stopped driving.


Poor wee Tiggsy. Not good for her.



Belated good morning to you all,

Just back from leading this mornings walk and hurrah everything seems to be up and running again.  Just started to drizzle so got the folks back in the dry.  On-line grocery arrives this afternoon.  So glad we had a side storm porch constructed this year as it is brilliant to keep things dry.  Sounds very posh but it is very basic and rustic, but does the job.

Poor doggy Lants - you do feel for them being such a nervous wreck .

Getting quite dark here as I type so maybe the storm is on its way. 

Over on Rez 19 now. See you there

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