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Yay, I've come first at something! First on here I mean

Continuing the subject of early rising, Joyce, I hate getting up but once I'm up I just can't go back to bed. Don't like eating in bed either (Quite apart from the crumbs!). 

It was hot out today even with a strongish breeze. The beach had more people than I've ever seen down there with lots swimming too. Dogs not allowed during the day but she and I know a couple of places where, when the tide's up, she can stay on her lead but still get her feeties wet to cool off at the bottom of some steps which means I stay dry while she potters round in the water a couple of steps further down.

Re..........early rising, I have no problem waking and getting up early from Spring to Autumn, but come the Winter months, I hibernate, cannot get out of the bed.  I think I should be living in a warmer country.  


I'm soooo busy... Quick pop-in to get the notifications.

Runny / Joyce - somebody else was having problems sending / receiving PM's (Lily P on Forkers perhaps?) so maybe there are some gremlins at work. Failing that it might be worth checking that email addresses etc are still correct in your settings. 

Must crack on...


Thanks T'bird 


Hazel --

Afties  all.

Dare I say it while CTT is away? I've done the i*****g and dinner and that's me done for today!

early risers....I don't sleep well at the best of times so if I can sleep, then I will and then get up when it happens! Does that make sense? Probably not, but you all know what I mean

Joyce, sent you a PM last week.....did out get it? Hope you have been able to get out in the garden but don't overdo things.

We were going to mend shed roof today but we now can't be bothered! How lazy are we???


Afties all. Its been a good day today. Lots of family gossip before coming home via 'sco to purchase vittles. Woo hoo 18 already. Boy can we dollop. I hope all of you have had a lovely Sunday and that those north of the border have seen that magic golden disc in the sky.

Discovered as I was driving out today that it is time for the annual Ironman competition next Sunday so my Lane is going to be closed virtually all day. Last year I had driven home with a car full of groceries and despite the Council having told me I WOULD have access as a resident when I rang up to clarify, the race organisers did their own thing and blocked all our roads. It was a nightmare. I was stuck behind a horsebox with horses on board heading for the Equestrian centre across the road from me. Eventually organisers saw sense and allowed horsebox through. I took advantage and made a dash for my road when they gave me the OK to go. Lesson learned, I will not be venturing forth next Sunday.

Hi everyone.  It's been a very warm day today in Yorkshire.  I've been in the shower to cool down.  I had lots of jobs to do today and sorting out rubbish.  A young couple decided to have a row outside my front door.  Lots of "I hate you"s and "Why do I bother"s.  I was still waiting to come out.  After a few ".... you"s. I was able to open the front door and visit Ruby who was still gardening when I popped round.  Hope you all have had a good afternoon.


Hi Rebecca. How very rude of those people. Maybe the heat had just got to them both. You should have thrown a bucket of cold water over them

Afternoon all . Been lovely here today.

Lb you  seemed to have had a great day! So pleased 😁. Crashing out Now before dinner. 

I have cut down a large bush , digging sawing and sweating so i need a shower but not  before gallons of tea.

Lants taking your dog down to the sea sounds lovely . 

Until about ten years ago we always kept dogs . Don't know whether the cats would be best pleased. But if I ever get one it will be a shaggy lurcher and I would call it Amos. .

have a lovely evening all .

Ruby, ours is a smooth coated smallish lurcher. I do have a soft spot for the shaggy, hairy ones though and I love the name Amos! Would suit a lurcher


Ruby, I try swearing a lot at stubborn shrubs. It has no effect whatsoever but boy do I feel great afterwards!



Did anyone ever watch Heartbeat? There was a gorgeous lurcher in that (if I've got the right programme )


Just Googled it. He was called Alfred in the show but his real name was Boots.


LB I will try that( not that I haven't thought about it) i need  to dig another one up tomorrow so cover your 👂 

Evenin' all!  Crikey, I sound like 'Dixon of Dock Green'. 

I used to live near two big shaggy lurchers called Sam and cat hated them and once gave Sam a swipe across the nose....poor Sam carried the scar for years....but he never stuck his nose through our gate again.....

Been out.  Came back.  Did a bit more on new patch.....getting there but it needs leaving for all the plants to settle and fill out now....bit more of the dreaded GE to blast to kingdom come when we get some sun....

I grew annuals for the edge of the bed for this year, so I can spray any weeds that are coming through by autumn.....cornflower 'Black Ball', corncockle, and poppy ' Paeony Black'........looking promising, not quite out yet....

Here's the rest of the bed from another angle...


I think your patch looks great M-U.

Hi MU hope you're putting your feet up