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 Fresh springtime thread, everyone!

Dollop-on, Rezzers!


Clothes on so respectable now. Will start by going out to fill up the bird feeders and take it from there as to what gets done...or not.


Caught up since getting home. Washing on - can't waste all that free drying time. Love the radiator kittens Pansy and yes, its friends every day! Just when you need a comma in the correct place, its missing!

Itching to get in garden now but need a cuppa first. Take it easy everyone. You still have a long season ahead.


Scorchio!  out there ............. OH tells me be brought a bottle of  local rosé home from work yesterday ... it's in the fridge .................... 

Hazel --

Just got back from garden centre.....a roasting 24  degrees out there! Be hotter in the garden, phew !!


Kitty 2

Scorchio here too 🌞😎. Feeling fresher after a quick shower and lovely hubby has been up to the loft to get the cushion & canopy for my swing seat.  What a sweetie, I didn't even ask 😊.  Now sat outside in my summertime spot, making plans in my head and enjoying a cuppa β˜• 🌼🌻🌺🌸🌹🌷

And hereπŸ˜€. Left the garden and went for a long dog walk down by the sea as the tide was high (do i feel a song coming on ?). Loads of people down there with kids all over the place even people swimming along with lots of dogs either playing on the sand, being walked or swimming. Stopped on the way back at a coffee shop away from the beach and had a drink and shhh..cake...and dog had a bowl of water under the table. Lost any incentive to work in the garden now plus it's a bit hot!


Just pegged out the washing and I feel disinclined to work as it is so warm - never satisfied! Got 6 teeny tiny rhododendrons that need to go into bigger pots before they finally go into the garden so that is my next task. Sent for these from a famous auction site where I was told to make my selection from a long list of named varieties. After carefully researching colour, size etc. I made my choice and within a few days they arrived. NOT ONE of the rhodies I had asked for was in the six that arrived. I was on to the site pdq and to cut a long story short I got a complete refund and was told I did not need to return the plants. So that is why I have my 6 teeny tiny rhodies to pot on. Result!!! Customer satisfied!

star gaze lily

Phewww, found you! 

Scorchio here  too

Thank you  RB, feeling a bit better. Had a great nights sleep, even after  falling asleep on the sofa!

Did a few jobs this morning and now having a relaxing afternoon.

I saw that disgusting  advert this week too hope I never see it again

Have a lovely day everyone 


  Been asleep.

It's freezing up here.  Grey, dull, cold.  I'm glad I'd forced myself into a day away from gardening, because the weather means that's exactly what I've got!

How great that it's so hot dahn sarf!

Nice to get freebie rhodies,  LB, even if they're not the ones you asked for!  

Suppose I'd better do something, but not out there!


Same here with the weather M-U  Potted up some self sown seedlings that I lifted yesterday and watered a few pots. Finger joints fine now so a rest from the garden has been a good idea for both of us.

A snooze also seems a good idea....


Well would you Adam and Eve it. No sooner do I go out to pot up the Rhodies than sun disappears and grey skies return!

These are new plants outside the garage side door - please note healthy weeds in abundance!


What a cracking day.    Iv washed everything in sight, even the filters from the Hoover,  which in turn then stopped me hoovering.      Not the brightest of bulbs in the box am I 

We are having a Carvery delivered at 4-4.30pm.    A new place opened  two miles away and it's doing a Sunday carvery for £6 delivered to your door.     We had one a few weeks ago and they are great.  Choice of 3 meats and all the rest of it.    It'll be great in the winter, I won't even have to get out of my pj's

LB.   Result and a bargain !!    Iv got some of those weeds LB.    

MU.  Love a Sunday snooze, I'm sure I'll be semi comotose after dinner.    We are not dahn sarf MU, but it's still hot, hot, hot.   (another song in there somewhere Lant).  

Hosed the paths down and  took apart a tiny old greenhouse that collapsed during the winter.   Take to the tip tomorrow.      Will somebody come and stop me please !!!!!!   I'm safe to be let loose.   


Runny - love the idea of a carvery being delivered 

I have just put the heating on   A friend popped in for a coffee so I have enjoyed a lazy day


 I meant....... I'm not safe to be let loose, but then I think you know that already. 

Yes Joyce, couldn't believe it ourselves.   They do everything a pub does during the week too, delivered to your door.  As long as the order is over £7 they will deliver for free.   It's a real treat if your busy like I have been today.   That's my excuse anyway 



Ooh Joyce, knew I had something to say to you. The little pink Rhodie in my picture is called Oban. I thought of you when I read the label

Runny whoops auto correct strikes again so I blame the Ipad for getting your name wroNg. Must start reading my posts before hitting the red button😩 Your Carvery sounds good. I have just put the oven on for jackets with ribs and wings but I want your carvery now.

Went ot pick up my eBay winning this morning. A small concrete pot on a plinth and had a lovely chat in the sellers stunning garden. It was small but perfectly formed. Looked lovely. Sometimes I think a small garden would be my ideal as not so much donkey work to do and I could spend all my time just playing with the flowers.

called into the garden centre on the way home as I had to pass it and it would be rude not to stop. Ended up buy reduced plug bedding plants. 4 x fushia at 50p each and a tray of 6 hot peppers for a £. All now potted up and squashed into the greenhouse with all my other impulse buys.

lady those rhododendrons look good. Love all the cat photos. I must get a new battery for my camera and put a photo of my mister up. He is a huge tabby and very handsome but I am a bit biased.

Hazel --

Finished ir****g now and sweating buckets. I must look like a drowned rat too as hair is lank and limp

LBl those little plants are looking  good. Don't theyngrow quite big? Hope,you have room for them all.....all 12 of them lol!

I've had to bring my tom plants in out of the porch....they have sun wilt  bad

Having a rest now


Hi Sunny. Just to let you know Sunny - much as I may have aspirations - I am LB on here not Lady and I am really looking forward to seeing your 'Mister'. Hazel, are you seeing double - I only got 6 tee hee. They grow to about 3 feet ish in old money but that is after 10 years so I think I'm safe.

Kitty 2

Have come inside, the wind is picking up and it's getting a bit nippy outside.  Got some potting on done.  My plastic greenhouse is filling up nicely 😊