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 Here you go, rezzers!  Enjoy!


LB, it was pouring up until lunchtime and the grass was squelching so I haven't done anything in the garden.

MU, I posted this on Resurrected 8 and then found we'd moved on so I'll post it again here. Re the photos of your garden  on the old thread: ....'Now that's what I call a garden, MU, it's beautiful. An idyll for cats (love Tippy's colouring) and a beautiful place for Max to be...'

Fancy us getting to 9 already. Who cares? Plenty more numbers to go

Seen it and replied, Lants!  Thank you!

Yep, we're not running short of numbers, I'm pleased to say!

My head's spinning with that 'S' picture on the 'Ultimate Alphabet' thread, LB!!  There are gazillions of things beginning with 'S'.  I wonder how long it took him to paint that one?

Wonder if he still paints? The UA was first published 31 years tempus fugits, eh? 



Afternoon all

No work done in the garden again but have been busy spending money on plants online. Credit card has taken a bashing but I should have a new border ready for filling in the next couple of weeks - needs must.

Lovely pics on Res 8 Joyce and M-U - beautiful pulmoneria and I'm loving Tippy's tail. Max's spot is a perfect resting place.

Have just sent OH off to The Lakes via his parents for a few days walking. He's taken the camper and should have been staying at Keswick campsite tomorrow and Tuesday - but we had a rather frantic phone call this morning saying the campsite is being evacuated as it is expected to flood tonight 

I think it's a well rehearsed procedure for them as they are surrounded by the river on 2 sides and the lake on a third - but I don't fancy being on the roads round Keswick this afternoon as all the caravans and motorhomes leave!

I'm staying home to look after Harry - but weather forecast suggests I should be able to get a bit done outside this week. Certainly hope so

Heavens, T'bird, that sounds bad!  The Keswick flooding, I mean!  Cumbria was badly hit the other year, they can do without more!  Doesn't sound like the ideal site for campers....well, not right now.

Hope your OH gets there safely and keeps his feet dry.  Hope you and Harry manage to get some 'out-in-the-sun' time, I think we all need that!   Sounds like you've got plenty of plants to play with!

Help....I've done a silly lovely neighbour has been asked to attend the monthly 'Rural' tomorrow evening, and she's not keen, so I said I'd go along with her   The 'Rural' is basically the Scottish equivalent to the 'Women's Institute'.....I'll be as out of place as a brooch on an anorak...

Can I have a headache?  A cold?  Bubonic plague?

I suppose I'll just go, and look dim, and play nicely with the other children.....


They've just started a new branch of the WI in our village (well 18 months ago...). You know all those jokes in Calendar Girls about talks about varieties of broccoli, collecting tea towels etc? - well I think our branch have managed to get their speaker list

Feel I should go along and offer support - but can't quite get over the feeling that life's too short. Not my sort of thing at all. Local history group or garden group  - yes - "Camping in & around Bridlington" - No!

You're looking a bit peaky to me M-U - don't want to be spreading germs around do you?

M-U....don't take this the wrong way but I don't quite see you as a "Rural" person.........baking and knitting competitions????? If you're lucky there might be one for vegetable growing.

She definitely doesn't sound well, does she....

 I AM looking peaky, aren't I?   positively poorly.

No, I'll be good and go.  It'll be like Brownies for older girls.  I went once when I was seven and declared 'Never again'.   Brown Owl frightened me to death.  I don't 'do' organised things and I'd have very little in common with many women who'll be there....baking...nah....children...........jams and chutneys....if you can't buy it at the 'sco I'll do without......

Although if any of the good ladies are you're talking!  But no, one short evening just so's I can support neighbour and then I've done my bit.  Agree, T'bird, life's too short, although I feel bad for being dismissive.  They need 'younger' members, apparently. Heck. I'm YOUNG enough to be a younger member?????

Definitely not taken the wrong way, Joyce!  

I don't 'do' organised 'activities' either! My mum used to belong to the 'Townswomens Guild'. I remember the time the competition for the next meeting was to see who could produce the bar of soap most prettily and originally decorated as a gift. Didn't really encourage me to go along with her as I got older 

 But don't worry, MU, I'm sure you'll be fine


Think they're giving a talk about 'The Haddo Babies' ....1200 babies born to mother's evacuated from Glasgow during WW2 when the mansion ( which is gorgeous btw ) was commandeered as a maternity hoptital....

Nope, not my sort of thing at all  I'd have preferred Tea-towels Through the Ages.......


Design a Tea Towel would win that one M-U

Or 50 shades of broccoli

Don't know why I wrote that and can't remove it either. Something just told me to....

 Joyce and Lants!

If your laptop had the wee Android cartoon pics, Joyce, you'd be able to see a tea towel which I could create with them.....but as you haven't, I'll reign myself in