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How are you feeling this morning Pauline and no thanks I think I'm OK at the moment for supplies.


Today I hope to stay focussed on taking down cards (checking off who I received from) as this week is paper recycling bin day. I'm going to take down dekkies too as I have had enough now.

* Reminder to self - do a good check over as well. I left two dekkies up last time so they had to stay up all year - apparently this is what you are supposed to do (more superstition?)

See you all a bit later.


Pauline - M-U is doing a SM trip too but I think I'm all sorted for today thank you so much.

I wonder if I will see her there? 

Shouldn't be long. 

Morning all . Was it you Lily who asked what colours I am going to wear ?Canary yellow with black stars and orange beret. Lants I would be honoured for you to share my colour scheme but please don’t copy my blue hob nailed boots.

Horrible night ,awake most of it . Putting the kettle on .


star gaze lily

Yes twas me Rubes, ooh we will all stand out won't we 🤣🤣🤣


Well - it's a bit windy out and the power has flicked on and off a couple of times - but otherwise I think we have survived the latest storm - unless the worst is still to come.

OH has just set off to visit his parents in Yorkshire so I've a couple of days on my own. Will get a few jobs done round the house plus haircut and SM shop tomorrow. This afternoon I may light the fire, watch trashy films, do a jigsaw and eat chocolate

Kitty 2

Morning Lily, Pauline, Fedge and Rubee .  I've tried to read back and make sense of last nights natter 😝.  Have given up, it's too early for that level of dollop .

Might start with the outside decs today if the rain stays off.  Front door wreath and icicle lights around the bay window.

Mrs Norris is driving me up the wall. Mithering to go outside, but wingeing cause it's windy. Doing an in/out in/out hokey cokey at the back door 😕.



Think Eleanor passed south of here. Slept through any high winds.

I live in an odd weather bubble that sees the weather report as more of a suggestion than fact, last night the wind was up, 2 mins round the corner the wind is up, here it’s just a bit windy.  which is nice.

Kitty 2

Hi Topbird, afternoon plans sound good for a stormy day 😊.

Tried to edit above post, and got hit by another glitch 😒

  Well, you all found the new thread, I see!

I'll come with you, Pauline, need to do a proper biggish shop today.

Hope everyone over on the west and south of the country are okay?  Nothing here at all, not so much as a breath of wind.  We might get the tail-end later.  Do hope Joyce and PP have come through it intact and unscathed?  What was it like in your neck of the woods, Lants?

Just spotted my 6 long tailed tits on the fat-balls!  Can't believe it!  I've never seen them stay around the garden for more than a few minutes, all the time we've lived here, so these sweeties are very special.  I'm wondering if they might be down from Scandinavia?

Did any of you see that brilliant programme last night, Chris Packham on Tyrranosaurus Rex?  I was totally enchanted and I'm not even particularly fond of dinosaurs.....well, I am now!

Hoky kokey, I'd better get me socks and skates on, but will be back later, all being well.  Take care, mind how you go. 


Taking the locals out for a walk today  I think we will be blown round at top speed.

Rubee - with those hobnail boots you could do some clog dancing while the Rezzers United play the music for you to dance to.

TB - slobbing around this pm?  Good on you. 

Kitty 2

It's that magic new bed Joyce , glad you had a peaceful nights sleep.

Your weather bubble sounds good learning curve 👍.  Better than my wind tunnel.  Are you north, south, east or west?

Kitty 2

Cripes, another snucker.  Hi MU 🙋, have fun at the 'sco. Boudicca trolley at the ready eh? 



Kitty, that bed has been worth every penny.

I need to force myself out of it in the morning.

Hazel --

Morning all. Horrible night here too. Winds howling, rain thrashing and didn't sleep very well. However, it seems ok now although I haven't been out yet.

We need a stool! Don't ask. Off out in a it to look for one, unless Pauline or MU can spot one on their travels and pick me one up?! Please.

Hope PF is ok? Probably too much dollop to cope with.

Kitty, yes, there are plenty of snuckers on here!

Hope PP is faring alright and pleased to hear Rezzers have come out not too badly from the storm. Take care everyone, Forest, donot do a Mary Poppins  on us whilst out walking!

See you later. Must get on.

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Back from SM.  It doesn't take me long.  I was looking at their own brand ready meals.  £1 each. I know that they are not the best,  but if I ccan't manage to eat them I haven't lost much.  I can't have anything that is very strong flavoured either.  I settled for  chicken curry and rice,  beef stew and dumplings and liver and bacon with colconnan mash .

Not all at once of course. 

Sunny here with clouds belting across the sky and extremely high winds. Dog can do high winds, just doesn’t do rain when she behaves like Mrs Norris. 

T’bird, good to see you’re planning to multitask this afternoon, I’m sure you’ll do it admirably.

Pauline or MU, could one of you get us a 4 pint of milk please? Ta muchly.

Rubee, no worries re the hobnail boots - I was intending to wear my pink girlie ones with our outfits anyway. Lily, I reckon you can get away with matching outfits as long as you make sure the clogs aren’t the same colour as well.

Sorry Lants,  it will have to be MU.  I am back home again and I don't think I will venture out again if I don't have to. It's a bit parky out there.