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No problem, Pauline, we might just about last till Mr Sain-y comes tomorrow. Still wouldn’t mind some if you’re passing any though, MU, just to be on the safe side.

I can see seagulls flapping madly just to stay in the same place in the wind. Dog walking should be interesting.....

Kitty 2

Funny when pets behaviour is different from the norm Lants. I thought that dogs weren't bothered by water, lots of them seem to love diving into a stream/river/the sea on walkies.  Maybe Tiggs aversion to rain is down to being left out in all weathers in her previous life? . Or maybe she's become used to her home comforts and pampering at yours .  Lucky pup 👍

Mrs Norris is just bonkers , and will happily bounce around the garden in the rain ☔.  Comes in sopping wet and wants to sit on your lap 😸.

Just for fun... Look who I caught red handed, supping from the "dirty bucket" a couple of days ago...

Old girl Tilly .  She's not as sprightly as Sunny's wee boys, but can still get her leg up 


My old cats used to like drinking out of the skanky birdbath in preference to their lovely clean water inside.


All I've managed to achieve so far today is getting all of my cards down and cleaning the glass panes in the doors where I white tac them all. I did throw some cloth stuff in Lily's TV and then put them out on the stringy thing. Had about an hour outside then it started precipitating again so rapid rescue needed. Having a mystic kettle moment now.

Boadicea's back!  

Lants, your milk is in Runner's cubby hole and will be delivered to yours via underground alpaca 

Loads of stuff not in stock, they're a bit slack at restocking, but to compensate there were some bargains!  Got a nice woolly big baggy plain black jumper for a tenner.  And a wodge of Stilton......and Tyrell's crisps half price.  Result.

Better go unpack it all now.

Am laughing at a Midsomer Murders..... ' when a film about the French Revolution is made in Midsomer Magna, people start to lose their heads in the guillotine, and it's not a film trick.'

Should be good for a titter.



Afters Rezzers.  

Hope you are all feeling well today.   

SGL.  How are you ?  

Well what a storm, it sounded as though someone was throwing gravel at the windows......and the wind. Phew !!!     Eleanor is still here but has calmed down a little.   

Id like my loon pants outfit in Raspberry with chocolate splodges and a raspberry Beret please.  

By the way, I still have that loaf dated 3/10/17.   Not a sign of mould and still soft.  I'll take a pic later with today's paper to prove it.  I'll have to be secretive about it, don't want Oh to see me taking a pic of a loaf with today's newspaper.   He already thinks I'm....................wonderful.  

LANTS   You could get Tiggs one of those racing jackets with  weights on each side to keep her grounded.  Not sure what you could do tho 

JOYCE.  What did you put on your lovely new sideboard over the holiday ?   Just being inquisitive.  

Just chilling today and a little cooking.  

Where's  Pansy got to ?   


Got everyone back after windy walk except OH who disgraced himself by being blown over and cut his leg (grazed really) and winded himself.  Nurse Nasty wiped the said graze with antiseptic wipe amid great whimpering.  

LB...what is white tac - never heard of it....I know, I know what you are going to say - white and not blue.


Not much sympathy for your OH F'edge 

Runners, the xmas cards were on the sideboard as the sitting room was kept xmas free this year.

I went out to get money from a Cashline and straight home again.  Wet, windy and miserable. River is very high.

Glad you got some bargains M-U

River's not too close to you is it, Joyce?  You're above it, hopefully.

F'edge, did you kiss his poorly knee better and give him a boiled sweetie?  No, thought not. 

White tac is exactly the same as blue tac I think, but it might be slightly less tacky, and less likely to leave a greasy mark on surfaces.  Low-impact adhesive, or something like that.

Must get a fire lit, it's fffffreezing in here!


JOYCE.  Curiosity sated. 

Here's that wonder loaf...

what the heck 

FEDGE.    Oh dear !!  

MU.  Al the Alpaca (original or what)  doesn't like milk so it will be safe here.   I'll send the money for it back the same way.  Bargains MU !   Not keen on Tyrell's crisps, I find them a bit too greasy for me.   Mad about Walkers square crisps at the mo,  


Ooops, thought LB had said "white talc" and that it was to give a frosted effect to the glass 

River is well below us M-U. Hope your's isn't too high.

Got EIGHT long tailed tits on the feeders now!  Am dead chuffed!  Lovely little things.

That's just silly bread, Runners!  Makes you wonder what sort of preservative they used!

Scottish telly are running a series of ads for a company in Inverurie who fit kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, double glazing etc.,  Nothing wrong with that, except they're in Doric!  Fit a scunner!*

Trans:  *How annoying!

Ta for the milk, MU. I’ve given Al a carrot (which he spat out because he says he isn’t used to s**t like that at Runny’s) and tucked the money in his saddlebag.

Runny, I’ve had that same type of bread for ages too. Cant beat yours but had some out of date in the fridge before we went away for Christmas. Bought some fresh when we came back but old bread was quietly sitting there in the fridge not even mouldering.

MU, a big, baggy black pully sounds just the job. Has it got wool in it cos if so I can’t borrow it off you, makes me itch.

Aawww, f’edge, you’re all heart

Weighting Tiggs down in the wind, good idea, she’s got long skinny legs, High centre of gravity. Me? Got enough inbuilt  ballast to keep me grounded.

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There's a tile gone from the roof 

My physical PPC arrived today! Typical. Got a £35 refund from pharmacy though, so it's all good.

Pauline - if it was the yellow SM their £1 curry is my fave ready meal 


Amazing bread!




For those of you to whom I couldn't send an e-card here is a knee card for you all


Never knew they did white tack LB.    Iv got more hairs on my knees than 'her'. 

LANTS.  Al is just trying it on with you, he gets worse s..t than that here.  He'll be getting 'old loaf'if he starts misbehaving.    I'm going to keep that loaf and see how it lasts.  It's not even in the fridge.  Makes you wonder doesn't it ! 

I once had a bag of new potatoes in a plastic bag for 5months until Oh peeled them by mistake.  Needless to say I wouldn't eat them.   Makes you wonder.  

PP.  if you look in, hope you are ok.   Me thinks you are just hunkering down with your GG  Either that or trying to push your Mother out of the door.  

Hazel --

Got me stool....for the garage! ...and got a fiver off at the till!

Think I saw RB's  Alpaca running amok with some money in his purse...... and stomping on bottles of milk

Tried a new hair shampoo and hair moose today to try and thicken my poor lank, limp, thin locks.It worked! I have luscious thick locks now lol! I feel lovely ( cough cough!)

Chey,,you found your passport yet? Glad you've your PPC eventually.

I'm a chucker- outer with food......soz

Hazel --'ve got....your PPC. Can't edit....


Still no passport.