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When did you last use it to prove your identity? You may have left it there. I hope you've got something else to prove who you are!

D'you think we could get Al a beret so's he can be in the band?

Hope you find it, Chey, or I can see Luco's operation going out the window......

Chey .Don't know what one the yellow SM  is,  but this was a ' smart price ' . Is that the same one? 

Haven't you got to pay back a friend for getting your antibiotics for you? 


I last saw it in the flat LB - haven't used it for ID in about a month and I know I had it since then. Will report it missing on Monday as that's when I can afford a new one..



Absolutely! How spiffy does he look?

Hazel, have you ever worked out how much money you throw away every year?

Hazel --

LB, not a lot as we have very little waste.


I thought you said you were a food chucker?

Food, I work on the principle that with a lot of stuff, as long as it smells ok and isn’t way too far out of date, it’s worth a go. I’ll regret saying that one day.....


Awww well ain't he cute MU.   He'll fit in perfectly.   Or is it a 'she' with the pink Beret ?   Anyways up, It'll go perfectly with my raspberry outfit. 

HAZEL.  We hardly throw anything away here either.   I threw a few things away C'Mas eve to make way in the fridge.  I was gutted.   Hate food waste.   Well done on the stool.  Gives you a buzz when it's reduced at the till doesn't it.   I could do with one of those foldy uppy ones to be honest.  A couple of shelves are a bit high in the cubbyhole.  

LANTS.  Me too.  If i tlooks ok, and smells ok, then it's ok. 

When I used to work for my daughter I used to come home with something she deemed .uneatable. Tomatoes, cheese, meat, endless stuff.  Ok by me. 

CHEY.   Ne'er mind. 

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Hazel.  If I used that shampoo and it made my hair any thicker, I wouldn't get me Beret on.  

Ah the chase is on.  Syl

Throwing money away, Chey.  If it's in the flat then it's in the flat.  It's not missing, it's misplaced.  Seems a lot of money to waste if it's there somewhere.

We waste very little food.  Can't remember the last thing we threw away.  Stale bread goes to the birds,  or the ducks on the lake at Fyvie, so that's not wasted.  Any odd bananas that go icky go in compost, but that's a rarity.  I used to have a friend ( note past tense! ) who spent a bomb on food every week to fill her huge fridge freezer, and would then chuck everything out to make room for it.  Disgraceful.  She had an 'eating disorder' apparently. 


Chey, you can't even travel on a bus with feeling nauseous so why bother to replace the passport? Once you start working and might think about travelling abroad get one then. I'm assuming that you have either a credit/debit card which you can use as I.D. It will cost you £72.50, plus the cost of getting a proper photo and if you decide to get the Post Office to check it for you, that will be another £10. Common sense lad!


Pauline - friend is paid back 

Muddle - Luco will have that operation come hell or high water! I can afford it. No worries!

Lants - I do that!


OH feeling lots better now as I made him a Delicious cup of tea with some of the missing (now found) shortbread.   And no M-U, you were right, I didn't kiss it better...yuk.

LB...I need to buy some more blu tack so what is the advantage of blu versus white if any?  

Never throw anything away here either (food wise).  I don't take any notice of 'use by/best before' dates.  Some double cream purchased just before Xmas said use by 26 December - we have just used it up day before yesterday and we are still here to tell the tale.



LB - but what do I use when the shop asks for ID when I buy painkillers/bleach/cleaning products/matches?

Muddle - sounds more like Compulsive Buying Disorder to me 

Just out of curiosity,  what do you do with your expired passport if you are not renewing it?  I have got mine with all my documents,  just sitting there. 


Me too Pauline - right back to the old hard blue one with the little window in the top for the passport number. Why they can't just incinerate your old one when you renew I don't understand.


Chey, why do you have to have proof of identity to buy those items you just mentioned? No one has ever asked me to prove my identity when I buy cleaning products.


I always get IDed LB!