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Celeb Mastermind:

Q: What variety of bird contains the following...Whooper and Mute?

A: Flamingo

Q: What plant with long strings of flowers is grown primarily for flavouring beer?

A: Hydrangea

Q: How many 'pips' are sounded at the BBC Greenwich Time Signal?

A: Wot?  Don't understand the question....wot?

They say education is never wasted.  Except in her case.  

Makes you smile though.

Hazel --

Signing out for tonight. Sleep well everyone.

Had to feel a bit sorry for the lass, to be fair!

Nighty early-bedders!  I'm watching an 'Endeavour' I've not seen before, so I'm signing out too.

Have a good night, and I'll see you tomorrow! 


star gaze lily

Much better thank you RB 

Started taking Xmas cards down and a few decs. Sitting in the lounge at the mo with just a table lamp and the tree lights on. Wish I didn't have to take it all down yet  love Christmas trees.

Chey, can't you get some I.D of some sort, buying a new passport just for that is rather expensive. Don't you have a student card, for travel etc?


I don't SGL!

I have a railcard somewhere but I don't think that has my DOB on it..


I'm signing out too folks. See you tomorrow.

Time to finish my spooky booky .Night night . Sleep well🤓.

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Sink taking an hour to empty so unable to wash dishes.

Grass man coming at 9am to see about cutting hole in pipe.

Hate hassle  

Hope all have a peaceful night..


Watching 'Sully.  The story of a pilot who lands a plane on the Hudson River when the engines were damaged by birds on immediate take off.  

Good luck Joyce. 

Glad your feeling a bit better SGL.   Know what you mean about the  Xmas lights.  Aaahhh !! 

Night everyone. 

Sleep tight. 

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Try not to worry about it, Joyce. Easy for me to say, I know Can’t do anything now, so leave the washing up (or dump it in the shower), go to bed and read, and see if grassman can help. It’ll get sorted somehow even if it does mean an unorthodox drilling of holes in the pipe.

Signing out tonight now. See you tomorrow.

star gaze lily

Hope you get things sorted soon Joyce. 

Nightie night everybody peeps, poppet day tomorrow so off to get some sleep


Sorry to hear that the water probem is still with you Joyce - though maybe not now. I'm just wondering if the hole in the drain pipe might cause the water to splash down your house wall? I do hope that the grass man sorts it for you.

Enjoy your poppet day SGL.

Runners - that film is absolutely fantastic - I saw it last year and it really had a huge impact on me. Tom Hanks is always superb. I don't want to be a spoiler in case anyone else wants to see it but how clever was the very end?

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Kitty 2

Morning all .  Raining here ☔.  Hope Joyce has had a drier night, and the drain has had a chance to empty.

Chey, do you have a provisional driving licence? Much cheaper than a passport for photo ID, and fits in your wallet. It's what my girls use.

Morning LB  and all who follow.  Nothing planned for today.  


Hi Pauline and Kitty. I'm off to my Bestie's today. I got all my cards taken down yesterday and the tree is looking very 'naked' at the moment. I'll do more of that clearing when I get home later.

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Belated Good Morning to you all.


Morning all.

Sink not draining.

Will report back later.