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I’m a bit late on this one but I’ll go for black trousers with raspberry flowers on them. Used to be able to play the descant recorder - couldn’t we all! Could play a teensy bit of piano one hand only and would have to play by ear as can only read piano music if it’s for one hand only with no chords! Nope?

I forgot ,I once had an  ocherena ( spelling). 

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star gaze lily

Ooh Lants, I'm late too. Wait for me! 

I'd like navy blue with white flowers and a navy beret please.

I've still got my recorder somewhere.......probably with my cheese knives think it's a bass one......certainly not the wooden kind with the cream mouth piece.

Chey, you really should report the missing passport......if it was among papers it's probably in the bin by now.

RB, much better thank you. Just a tickly cough now and again. 

So..............what's our band going to be called 


That'll do nicely Rubee. Sorry SGL but that colour combination has already been taken by me I will grant you a lighter blue though.

The band is obviously Rezzers Unlimited


 Can I have canary yellow with black  star pattern and an orange beret ? I don’t like to stand out in a crowd.

star gaze lily

Oooh sorry LB. I'll have azure blue instead then please

Lordy me, we're going to be unmissable in all these shades!  

Who's going to sing? 

Anyone but me ,I sound like a frog.😳

Nowt wrong with frogs, Rubee!  Could start a new trend! 

I'm going to start a new Rez thread, now.  There are a few posts left on here but we'll top 1000 if I get up late!

It's 'sticking' on the 'Start a new thread' page, but I'll persist for a bit longer!

Going to read .Night night .

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