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more temptation for MU

Oh!  Sunny!  WANT, WANT, WANT!  Is that Shiro at the front?

Cool earrings, LB!  Naughty Lily!

Signing out,, guys, now Rez 34 is posted!

See you tomorrow.....



Rats I just posted on 33 as you posted 34 so for those who don't read back I'll re post here. Sorry to repeat for those peeps who do look back.

Lily just tried to murder my earrings by batting them all over the floor.


Sunny those two cats of yours (and Mister of course) are adorable!

Nighty night M-U - see you tomorrow!

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Yep that is Shiro looking like the little angel he isn’t 

LB cute earrings. Shiro keep steeling my little Santa although tonight he has left it alone in favour of his new toys.


I decided to bite the bullet and went to Tesco tonight.    Quiet considering.    What ever Iv forgotten now it's too bad. I agree SGL, what is all the food shopping for ???     Cheese knives ?   Ah here they are Lily.   I'll put them in a bag and pack them off to you asap.   Alpaca post has just gone.   

Cute earrings LB.   

MU.   MU says "every time she sees kitties she wants more".   It's a good job we're not like that about babies  Perish the thought !!!  

Broke into a box of Thorntons Continental this afternoon. .  

Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly.  Fol a lol la la la la la la la.   I'm feeling Christmassy.  I might go,raving mad and have a Baileys. 

Disappointed in the real tree.  It's shedding needles like there's no tomorrow.   And it's too small.  

Hey ho !   

Thanks in advance LB. 🙋

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Just back from family gathering/meal/pressie swop in the country restaurant.  What do I have all been nattering away and moved to a new thread.  We were all treated to the meal.    They gave us a whole room to ourselves with a large circular table.  Very 'posh' food and as a vegetarian this is the first time that a meal has included lentils.  Most places haven't a clue how to use them in a meal so I was impressed.

Sunny your kitties get more and more gorgeous and to stick together like glue.

LB. Very sweet earrings.

Hazel....what a voluptuous cabbage you are. And Chey  - such a slim leek.

Pansy....I still can't work out how on earth that car mounted the other one.

Very festive Runny. Love the little ice skate at the top of your tree.

F’edge you rarely see one kittie without the other. I am so glad I got both as I think they would Be the same if they had been separated.

star gaze lily

LLovely  decorations RB, lovely view through the window too. I love the little ice skate too RB, very cute.

Just realised the first pic is upside down 

Ooh thanks RB, for finding the knives

I was thinking the Same re car F'edge, must have been speeding


Love the garland over the mirror Runners and the little ice skate. That is very unusual. Bet the Thornton's don't last too long now the box has been breeched


Okey dokey folks. I'm going to sign out for tonight. See you tomorrow some time.



Thanks for putting me right again LB.    The little skates are a nod to one of my GD's when she was into skating years ago.   I bought us one each.   All my decs are falling apart they are so old but I can't part with them.    I might look out for a couple of new ones in the Jan sales.    What an awful thought.....the January sales.  

Sounds as though a lovely time was had by all F'Edge.   Glad you enjoyed it.  

SUNNY.   All my best wishes for you and your boys this Christmas.  Another milestone Sunny.  

SGL.  You have the knives but have you got the cheese ?  

LB.  Box was brimming, now looks barren, breached choccy boxes don't last long do they ?   The cappuccino ones are my faves. 

Runny, love the garland on the mirror.

Sunny, those cats have little pointy Siamese faces, cuties! I got lured into pets at home yesterday as well and ended up with some new toys for Tiggsy  Feel terrible though having to hold a squeaky squirrel, look it in the eye and then stab it to reduce or remove the squeak. 

I’ve been eating far too much choccy. There’s currently an empty tin of M&S Swiss chocolates beside me. I hasten to did that I’m not totally responsible though

Nightie night all.

star gaze lily

Ooh yes, RB, plenty of cheese

Nightie night from me too, nodding off here.  

Sleep tight everyone, only two more sleeps. 🎅


Good morning all Rezzers