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Hi Yviestevie. Hope the health problems are not as bad .

I am tired going to read. Goodnight all sleep well .


Hazel.............Lovely stylish cardigan for 23 - well done and beautifully knitted especially the button holes and not forgetting the collar.  He will look so smart wearing it.

Night night all.  The butchers dog needs to sleep...............

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Night LB, Rubee, F'edge and all Rezzers off to snoozeland.   Hazel....just don't let 23 near baked beans without a big bib! 

Nighty all, see you tomorrow!  Sleep well.

Hazel -1

Hi Yviestevie, nice to see you again. Hope your health issues are all sorted and you are feeling better now. Whold love to see your garden when it's all flowering again, I remember seeing it a few years ago and being in awe of your planting and displays. It's a beautiful place. Enjoy the snowdrop walk.

Think I've missed a page or two reading back, so off for a skoot now.

MU, 23 mummy has just asked what colour the next cardigan will be!!!!  I won't post my reply lol!!

Forest,  who's the butchers dog???! 

Hazel -1

I'm that addled that I've only just worked out that Pauline shares the same birthday as my dad! Doh.....!

Joyce, good work done in the garden and I completely share your sentiments about getting dolled up and going out. No.......!

Forest, ah! Worked that out now from RB post! 

A doctor told my mum a few years ago that she was as strong as a butchers dog! 



Morning all.

Daughter phoned last night at 7pm....would I do the exam coordinator a BIG favour......role play a patient at today's exams as someone had pulled out?

She assured me that I wouldn't be prodded and poked and I will be given a scenario when I arrive.

Muggins agreed and I have to be at the hospital at 8am

Have a good day

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