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Hazel....if you are back from shopping and the snow put your feet up as I'm not going out walking - well not that sort of walking - only into big town to get odds and ends.  Next walk Hazel is Saturday if you want to trot along and anyone else - all day through forest -  just shoot up or down the tunnel for 9.30am start.  


Off out to see my bestie now and we're going to hit the craft shops today. Sun has just come out and its amazing how much that can lift the spirits. SYL

Enjoy your day LB . I think I will do some housework while the guns are at rest.


Morning Rezzers.  

I hope all who are poorly feel a tad better today.   

PANSY.  Morning !   Bright sunshine here too.  Cold but the wind has dropped considerably.   Last night we had torrential rain and very high winds, I thought the roof was coming off.   All calm now, it looks like a Summers day......from inside.   

I have to pop out shortly so..........

Have a good day everyone, whatever you are up to.   Just don't get caught.   If you do get caught just point to someone at random and blame them.   

Hazel --

Traipsing and stomping through snow duly done! Shops very quiet but main dual carriageway into the area was shut down this morning due to a huge articulated lorry jack knifing and causing an accident. Traffic  early morning was horrendous apparently, particularly around rush hour.

However, , sun has come out and much dripping going on around the house as the snow melts,

Forest, I'll be there on Saturday!! 

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