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I reckon it could be 35



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You posted a new Rez while I was writing on the old one. Talk about sneaky. 

Pansy, I'm glad to hear you feel a little calmer about getting to tomorrow's appt. The worst thing to do  is when you begin thinking, 'what if...'. Whatever it is rarely happens but if you're like me, I like to have every eventuality covered

Wonder if this will be the Christmas Rez or if we'll hit another one before then



Put all shopping away! I couldn't stay mad at the poor driver, he was about sixty and his nose was bright red 

Bet he was called Rudolph, Chey!

Puzzles!  Yay!


Poo!  Beaten by F'edge!




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Just had a nice tea of baked potatoe and bbq ribs. My lad has just produced a cold bottle of becks for me( I don’t often drink so I am not sure where it came from or why he has given it to me) so I am going to read my book and hopefully not fall asleep on the sofa.

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You trying to get rid of me LB.   I'm not going to bed just yet.  

PF.  Quite true, but nevertheless your problems are your problems.  I wish you luck for tomorrow.  Oh don't forget the kitchen sink.  

CHEY.  THAT WAS SANTA THAT JUST DELIVERED TO YOU. !!    See he does exsist.   

Didnt get in the loft, it's too cold.  Maybe tomorrow 

Did anyone see those adorable Alpacas on Countryfile ?   Weren't they just gorgeous.   


Hoorah F'edge for 'Ballet Shoes'



Runners - I want an Alpaca but I don't think it would get through the cat flap

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Sorry M-U not correct.

Don't much like the thought of having feet full of sherbert, Pansy ......that's spooky.  This time tomorrow it'll be over and done with.  How long does it take for you to feel 'right' after one of these sessions?

It's baltic up here.  We've run out of bread and are very low on milk, but we can't safely get out onto the main road because the side road is skiddy-slippy and has enormous mounds of rock-solid snow blocking driveway.  Ah well, I can drink black tea and coffee and we've got pitta breads and garlic bread in the freezer, we'll not go hungry.  Plenty of cat food for the tree-tormentors, so nothing to get worried about.  Due to warm up to -1 tomorrow.

Sunny.....enjoy the cold beer!  That was nice of him!

Wot?  Not correct?  Jings.  I'm slipping!