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We got horizontal snow now! 

nice if you don’t have to step out MU . Take care.


Sunny here but ab-so-lute-ly Baltic outside. Keep warm M-U.

Rubee - when is engineer number two due?


LB, did you nip up to M-U's to take a photo?



Shhhhhh Joyce - its a secret.

LB . ..This afternoon betwixt four and six. 🤥

This was taken a few years ago.  Much prettier than today's view from the window, which is grey-with-sloppy-snow......

That's a nice pic, LB!  You hiding in the outdoorsers trailer?  Shall I bring you a cuppa? 


The trees are beautiful M-U

They're lovely, Joyce.  Birches, in the neighbour's garden. 

Lovely snow pics

Pauline stay strong. The worst is behind you and the end in sight and then hopefully things will get better.

off to look for snow pics to post


Yes please M-U. Cuppa would be very welcome.


M-U, predicted temp for your area tonight -10C. Brrrrrrr

Better feed the outdoorsers early


You've got this far, Pauline even though you feel horrible - it's got to start to get better after one more.  We are all really behind you.

Just off out to 'test' a walk for next week to make sure there are no cattle in the field needing to be crossed.  Doing it now just in case we get that snow that M-U's got.

See you later.

Bbrrrrrrrrrrrrr!  Once, when we first moved here in the 1990's....I think it was the same year all those trees came down at Kew Gardens......our temps dropped to -24.  That was unbelievable.

Forecast better for tomorrow and temps creeping up on Monday, and throughout next week.  Joyce, think you're in for more rain at the weekend.

Now I don't want to encourage us all to loll around on our bums, telly-oggling, but has anyone seen 'Armchair Detectives'  at 2.15 on BBC 1?  Susan Calman presents it and isn't she one of Chey's faves?  It certainly passes an hour, and most of us seem to like sleuthing! 



I watched the first one M-U but I thought it was really boring. Mind you that might be me as I don't think I actually watch TV, its just the moving wallpaper in the corner of the living room so I listen rather than watch.

It's not the best, LB, true.  Makes a bit of a change from knee-deep antiques programmes though!  But rather obvious, think I've got 'em all right so far! 


Afters all. 

Its baltic here too.  First frosty field this morning.  

LANTS.   Safe journey home.  I'd love to see your face when you clap eyes on your new bathroom. 

PAULINE.   One more to go, as if you didn't know  We're all behind you here.  Best of luck and take it easy. 

FEDGE.  A reccy is always a good idea where cows are concerned.  Enjoy your walks.  

MU and LB  Beautiful pictures.    Have heard of Armchair Detectives but never watched it.  I'll pop it on now as yes, I love a good sleuth...

Ensconsed in the living room.  Cupboard man on the homeward stretch now after a shaky start.  He miscalculated the width for my freezer and had to start again.  He's  just putting a few shelves in now.      It will make a great bolt hole, nice and dry and warm, I'll keep the shed available for summertime boltholing.  

Hello everyone not arrived yet.   Keep warm. 


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Afties Chey. Is it Baltic where you are?