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It's still Lily's here's another cake, Lily!


Hoorah! I love a new Rez. 27 again SGL. Hope the shingles is starting to subside.


You're a dab hand at cake decorations M-U 

Ooo if only, Joyce!  Actually that unicorn one up there  looks like it might actually be quite simple to do....well....when I say 'simple' I don't actually mean 'simple'......but it sort of looks 'do-able'.....

I'll shut up now 



Trying to walk to the door with foam toe separators and wet nail polish is not recommended!

You mean you can actually get down to your toes, LB??? 


My niece's friend does some beautiful cakes - including unicorns - and we have been trying to persuade her to do it as a profession but she is a little bit shy and lacking in self confidence. My bestie's DIL has had a cake made for her husband's 40th party tonight and it has got all the things associated with his running Beavers so it has a little tent, rucksack, walking boots, canoe, camp fire etc etc on it. I'll try and take a pic tonight and post it.


I can get down to my toes M-U and I really needed to do the toes as the old stuff was halfway up the nails and I am wearing shoes that show 'em off. Otherwise I would not have bothered until France.

That sounds fantastic LB, would love to see that!  I love decorated cakes as little works of seems such a shame to cut into them.

I would love to get into cake decorating but I don't have the patience....or the equipment.....or the skills....and I don't like cake much, either.........but I would love to do that unicorn one.......


Can't remember ever having varnish on my toe nails.

Italian speaking friend, who is in Italy just now, had hers done with a glittery varnish for her hols. Stuff that you can't remove yourself.


I always have mine painted in the Summer as I tend to live in flipflops. I wear toe rings too


Still a hippie at heart LB 

plant pauper

My dog Brooke ate my toe separators.I hardly missed them . If pushed I use great wadges of kitchen roll but since it's rained since June I don't really feel the need. 

I can touch my forehead with my toes  but only with one foot. The other is very reluctant to go anywhere near my head! Probably best!!!! 

That's not normal, PP.  It's just not normal.

( Shuffles onto floor and secretly tries to do it.....)

Bet there are a lot of contorted Rezzers out there now, all giving it a go........

Why?  What for?  I used to be able to bend my thumbs back to touch my I can't get within an inch and a half of it...wish I'd not tried, now.....


star gaze lily

Morning.......oops afternoon everyone 

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, flowers and cakes 

Still feeling under the weather and it's itching like mad today but I've been very good and not touched it.

Perhaps we can get together this afternoon for tea and a slice of cake

Hope you're feeling a bit better Pauline take care.

Good to see you RB very kind to pop in today. I've missed my little mate xx

Sorry can't remember who mentioned injections, but I'm too young 

See you later peeps xx


NO,  M-U.  This is one Rezzer who wasn't on the floor contorting herself!!


Oh my goodness.    How embarrassing.   Doubly embarrassing in fact.   

ITS NOT LILYS BIRTHDAY TODAY ITS ON THE 20th.     Told you I'm not safe to be let out.   I'm on my knees begging forgiveness.   So sorry Lilly.    You can eat the cake, I'll bake you  another for Wednesday.      

Im putting it down to a fever and being stir crazy.   That's my excuse m'lud and I'm sticking with it.   

Ill quietly tip toe back into the quiet corner........and stay there for foreseeable future.      See you next year....maybe.  


See, Lily was to well mannered to mention anything anout it not being her birthday.     Thank you Lily, but I thought I might as well fess up now or get picked up by the fuzz at a later date. 

As for all the contortions, I couldn't find my head with both hands at the moment.  

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Cakes my niece's friend has done:


Front view                        Back view