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Hermes are alright with me currently! Now waiting for the rest of the stuff to arrive!

Well you'll not lose her in the shops  with a barnet like that, Kitty! 




Kitty 2

No fear MU, and at 5'9" she stands out like a lighthouse .

Morning all . Lovely weather here .

I haven’t t been to the cinema for over thirty years. There was a cinema near where I lived many years ago , affectionately known by the local teenagers as (The Burley Bug Hutch) . If you arrived late and the lights were out, when you found your seat and sat down , you sat on the floor .No seat between the arms.I hasten to add some of the arms had seats between them.

Have a good day .


Crikey, Kitty!  You could rent her out as a temporary set of traffic lights!

Pansy, don't let that old cow get your cake! 

Damn  and *&&*&&%. Wrote a long post and lost the lot. No time to do it again and can't be bothered. Glad the parcels are arriving, Chey. 

Love the 'note' to delivery driver, Pansy

ID? Like MU, have a license but don't drive. So tell them I don't drive, which is true. Utilities? All online. Was worse when paperwork and bills used to be in OH's name. They wouldn't accept a utility bill unless it was my name on it.

Off for dogwalk then back in time for hair trim.

Rubee....the Burley Bug-hutch?  D'you mean the one on Burley Lodge Road opposite the library???

I think that one was called The Lyceum MU . This one iam talking about is on Burley Road on the way to  Burley village.

Morning all

i love going to the cinema although it has been a while since I last went. It takes me back to my childhood and going to the Saturday morning pictures with my brother.

i am lucky here as we have 2 cinemas in Worthing. I love The Dome cinema as it is an old grade lol listed Edwardian building and one of the oldest still functioning cinemas in the U.K.

Hi, Sunny .Rebecca lived in Worthing for some years .She lived within walking distance of the Cottage restaurant. She used to go to the pub up the road ,they had jaz nights.

please excuse my punctuation . It’s part of my dislexia.

Morning Sunny! 

Rubee, I can't remember that picture-house.  I remember one near the Abbey on Kirktall Road but that was called 'The Abbey' wasn't it?  I can remember 'The Lounge' in Headingley, and all the ones in the centre of Leeds, but the one on Burley Road has completely escaped my memory!  The one I was thinking about was 'The Lyceum', yes!


I'm not really a cinema fan - I prefer Netflix! Much cheaper, and I can buy a big bag of popcorn at the shop for £1 instead of £5 or more at the cinema

Oh hang on Rubee.....I think I know where it was, now!  There'll be a photo on the Leodis site....I'll check it out!

Hi Rubee

the only cottage restaurant I know in Worthing is the China cottage which is quite near me in Goring.

i live in goring hall which is the little bit between ferring and goring.

dont worry about punctuation as my own along with my spelling is terrible. And what I don't misspell the autocorrect on my iPad turns into something completely different anyway😊


Thanks Sunny . I find it quite embarasing.

There were so many cinemas in Leeds ,I can’t rmember them all ,but wasn’t there one called Haddon Hall ? Wasn’t that some where near Kirkstall Hill?

Chey we have net flicks as well but I don't watch it but my boys do.

i have the full virgin media package as well and earlier this week when I was looking at me accounts was stocked to me I am paying £160 pm on the package. That is stupid money so tomorrow night my youngest is going to sit with me and work out if I can get a better deal with bt.

i do have to have the add ons as my mum watches them and as she is pretty much housebound it is one of her only enjoyments. My oldest lad also has a box in his room as he doesnt really go out unless my other boy takes him. The third box I am going to have moved to my younger lads room as I Rarely watch tv so it is a waste to have it in the lounge for me.

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I only pay for internet - £20/month ish

Covers my catch up TV shows, netflix, gaming, all that 

Thanks MU. Brings back memories . We lived up near Woodhouse Moor and often wandered down there for a six penny matinee.