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Rübee you shouldn't. It is what you are saying that is important not the spelling or the placement of a coma.

my oldest has special needs. His reading and writing are both very poor plus he has a slight speech defect. Stupid people only hear the defect or see the messy writing without seeing the content and so they miss out as his interlect is fine and he is a mine of facts and historical details.

Expensive package that, Sunny.  Hopefully you can find a cheaper option.

Rubee, The Haddon Hall was just by Burley Village, on Bankfield Terrace, but I seem to remember it as a club.  I think it had been a cinema in the early half of the 1900's.

Chey my son want me to switch over to but broadband as he says it is better. He then wants to get his tool box out and put in a wired collection for his gaming. I have no idea so just agree as long as he can show me it will save money on what I am already paying.

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MU you’re probably right about the Haddon Hall once being a club. But dad usd to take me to the pictures there in the fifties.

MU I did a bit of a double take when I saw how much it was. I know we were not paying that when we put it in so it has crept up over the years. I have not really thought about it as Paul liked all the sports channels, mum the movies And my son all the discovery channels Plus movies and some of the cartoons. I need to look at what we need now and trim it down to a more realistic level.


Rubee I think it closed as a cinema in 1960.  So yep, it'll have still been there in the '50's!  No shortage of picture houses in Leeds back then!

Try not to get embarrassed about what you can't help, Rubee.  We know what you're talking about, and we're all iffy spellers at times!  I have to think twice about loads of words and I used to be an English teacher.  Now that IS embarrassing! 

Alas, Sunny, there are a lot of stupid people out there, who don't have the intelligence or the education  to understand issues such as your son presents.  He sounds like he'll do alright!

Right, well, I'd better go and top up the bird feeders and put out the first of the fat'balls!  The woodpeckers are making short work of the peanuts!


Well, after the telephone banking staff advised us to take loads of paperwork, ID galore, accounts, authorisations and what not into the Bank, it turned out we didn't need it. After staggering into bank laden down with heavy bags full of everything under the sun, the Counter staff sorted everything out in five minutes.   These central telephone call centres/help lines haven't got a clue about day today banking. 

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Forest A couple of weeks ago I went to open a bond in the Kent appliance. They asked for I'd and the only thing I had was the cheque book for the acccount the money was coming out of and the usual cards in my wallet. The cashier made one phone call and my I'd was verified. The banks can do it without us jumping through hoops if they want. They just prefer to make us jump through hoops rather than put themselves out and actually do some work themselve. Some banks and building societies act they they are doing you a favour by holding your money.

Look we have found a new climbing frame


Enjoyed my morning feeding the swans

It lifted it's head too soon

the duck house on an island in the pond


F'edge, I'm glad your bank visit was hassle free


Still waiting for everything else from Amazon to arrive...


Thanks Joyce.  Your swan pictures are gorgeous.  Is that a cormorant airing it'd wings in the middle...can't zoom into picture.

Sunny....what fun and games your kitties are getting up to.  It's such fun to watch their antics.  At least the airer wasn't full of clothes or they would have had the lot on the floor.


F'edge these two cormorants always seem to there on the old tree trunk.


Sunny did one fall off in the second picture? 


Chey he didn't fall. He was pushed along with my drying jumper. Shiro is a bully boy who likes to boss his brother.

Joyce lovely photos

Fabulous swan pics Joyce!  Looks like a nice morning out.

Those kitties are just doing what they all do, given an airer and a bruvver to torment!  Delightfully naughty!

Still no deliveries, Chey?  Hermes 1 A#$@n 0

Rubee and Sunny, don't you dare worry bout your spelling or punctuation! (wags finger) I taught English for years too (as a foreign language) and though I might have been picky with my students, it was part of the job! Elsewhere, you write what you want and never mind if you get anything wrong. What you have to say is much more important than anything else.

I'm not usually too bad at spelling and punctuation but that's when I'm not using iPad and its auto spell takes over when I'm not looking

 Beautiful swans, Joyce and a lovely closeup even if he did lift his head at the wrong moment. Cormorants. In the sea here there's a post (one of several dotted around )sticking up - might be a marker for boats?- and nearly every time we walk past there's a solitary cormorant perched on it. Sometimes takes off and skims low across the water but always returns to his(her?) post.

Thanks Lants and Sunny and MU .

Glad all went well Pauline . Time for a cuppa and a rest.